Overheard in the Playground.

Here are some random snippets of school life for you, friends.

Chorus of Kindergarten kidlets: Hello Mrs Slowwwww!

(See? Am married to myself. And also? Having a surname that sounds like "slow" in certain accents is a pain in the arse. But still kind of amusing, really. After a term of it, I've given up correcting them.)

Kidlet #1
: How old do you think Miss S is?
Kidlet #2: Oh, I think only 40.

(Alright, I know I act older than I am sometimes but come on, kids!)

Kidlet: Miss S, is this the grandma booklet?
Aly: The what?
Kidlet: The grandma booklet, the one you said not to write in.
Aly: [stares at paper] Grandma booklet?
Kidlet: [nods, confused]
Aly: [thinks, confused]
Aly: [lightbulb flickers] Ah-huh! The grammar booklet!
Kidlet: Yeeeeeeeah!? That one.

(I swear, I had no idea what she was on about, and I think that now she thinks I'm crazy. And she might just be right.)

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