Irony Sucks.

After yesterday's plea for a little extra sleep, my body obliged.

All too willingly, it seems. It's now 6am wake ups for this chook.

Thanks very much, assholes.

I think things are going well in the healing process. The sarcasm is coming back in waves, the whinging has already begun PLUS I am having my old crazy dreams again, therefore? All must be well. (This time, I'm going to be a bartender in a haunted house. Neat.)

Am feeling much, much better. Now if only I could think of something to blog about that didn't involve the zapping of the eyeballs, things would be just dandy. But it just sounds so dramatic! Lasering! Zapping! Surgery. Yeah, I'll stop now. Promise.

(Edit to add: If I read ANYTHING Gilmore Girls related that spoils the finale, I shall perform at home Lasik surgery on you, so help me, roar.)

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