You Know You're Looking Grouchy..

When the first thing your kidlets mutter to one another as you walk them into the classroom in the morning is;

Kidlet #1: "Miss S isn't happy. Quick! Let's sit down!"
Kidlet #2: [slapping forehead] "Noooo, I forgot my homework."
Kidlet #1: [shocked face] "Good luck!"

Apparently my overly cheerful (ha) expression had led this particular student to believe that her forgetful friend was apparently going to be blasted into shreds for leaving her homework behind. Please, am not that nasty a teacher. (Although it was hard to not laugh after overhearing their conversation. She basically hugged her goodbye.)

There's no real culprit for the grouchiness other than life, programming, junk food cravings and stupid people in general. Yep. That's all. Bloody glad it's the weekend now.

(Although I'm dreading next weekend. I'll be post-laser-eyeball-zapped and bored out of my brains no doubt; no reading, no television, no computer, what the heck am I going to do?)

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