A Micro-What?

Have you ever got in your car, arrived at your destination and realised you have absolutely no recollection of the drive at all?

That was me today. I remember nothing. Nada. Zilch. Didly squat.

I tidied up my classroom, left notes and my teaching programme ready for the casuals on my class until next week, said goodbye to a few people, and walked out to the car clutching a big box of books I was loaned by someone at work. I fumbled around for the car keys, lugged everything inside, and remember cursing as my Ipod slipping out of my hands and under the car seat. I drove out of the carpark and encountered no traffic, so turned smoothly through the roundabout, sailed through the green traffic lights and . .

That's all I remember, until I got out of the car and tripped over my handbag strap, losing half the things out of my bag in the process.

I don't remember which other lights I stopped at. I don't remember what the traffic was like. I don't remember anything of note about the drive home at all. Just . . nothing. I must have zoned out completely.

Since coming to that recollection (or lack of recollection?) I'm a bit paranoid. I would like to think I'm a safe driver, but it's not so much me that I'm worried about. What about all those other drivers out there, who maybe aren't as cautious as me? What if I broke a road rule driving home? What if I had a microsleep as Dr Karl would put it.

I'm glad I'm not driving anymore today.

Ah, crap. I'm heading grocery shopping soon with mum. And guess who's driving? Perhaps it's time to break out the caffeine?

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