Oh, the things I could say . . .

I'm following in the footsteps of NPW today, because she is fabulous. (And because I am tired, back-achey and just plain lazy, if you really wanted to know.)

In random order, the things I'd say to people right now if I could; (And no, I'm absolutely not telling you who is who. Unless bribes are involved, of course.)

1. Sometimes you irritate me to no end, but despite what advice other people have given me, you'll always be someone I care about.

2. I don't even know you that well, but there is something about you that I find intriguing. Why is that?

3. You are someone I haven't made up my mind about; to like or dislike? I'm still in two minds about you, and I'm not sure that I trust your motives.

4. You don't realise how terrified I am at the thought of you leaving. And as much as you say you feel the same way, deep down I don't think you can even begin to feel the way I am feeling. I wish you did. And why don't you ever just CALL?

5. Sometimes, you just need to shut the fuck up. Seriously.

6. I really think you are an amazing person, we are so much alike, and I wish we were friends outside of this little thing called the internet.

7. I envy you because of your social life.

8. I wish I saw you more, because I think you are an amazing person and are someone that I think about often.

9. I feel like you don't find me useful at all, or worth keeping around.

10. I really hope you get what you are trying for, I really do.

11. It makes me jealous when I see your beautiful engagement ring.

12. You are looking really amazing, I want results just like yours.

13. I think it's about time that you started acting like an adult.

14. Some days, every little thing you say pisses me off and I can't stand the thought of you. Other days, I think you're grand.

15. I wish you would think of me more as a friend than just a person.

You know, that actually felt mighty good writing all those out. If you're up for giving it a try, feel free. Stealing is a sign of flattery, don't you know?

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