Reminiscing . . .

Lately, the subject of conversation on everybodys lips is moving overseas. Granted, I'm often the one to bring it up, but there have been some occassions where it hasn't been me. Other than send off a few inquisitive emails to teaching agencies to get some information about working overseas, I've really not done much about it yet. I'd actually prefer not to think about it just yet actually, I'd rather just put it off and worry about it later. Works for me.

(Especially the financial aspect of it. Ooooooh boy. Hide me!)

All the talk has made my brain go into hyper-nostalgic mode though, resulting in me going on a frantic search of the house looking for my CD full of Europe photos from the last time we were there, in 2004. A half hour and several messy rooms later, I emerged triumphantly and treated myself to a slide-show down memory lane. Care to join me?

Freezing my butt off in Paris. (Also looking terrified for some reason.)

Up close and personal (and freezing my butt off) in Vienna.

Freezing both of our butts off after mountain climbing, in Scotland.

Enjoying ourselves in Venice, Italy. Smile, bitches!

Well and truly posing in Munich, Germany. Mmm, beer. (ha!)

Getting drunk (or already drunk?) in Florence, Italy.

Carnivale! In Venice! With hats! And face painting!

My favourite photo - beautiful Scotland and my sexy, sexy beanie.

Did you notice the recurring theme? Freezing our arses off. That's what we got for travelling in winter, though I wouldn't have had it any other way. Less crowds, cheaper prices, snow! I plan on visiting all of these places and more when I'm back . . . but for now, it's just me and my photos, reminiscing. And look how long my hair was! (sniff)

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