The Head Cold Made Me Do It.

Considering that last Monday on my return to work, I was greeted by seventeen seriously snotty children of whom at least half should have been at home in bed, I consider it about bloody time I ended up sick.

Yes. Sick. Again.

Surely by now, everyone here knows I have the immunity of a fly?

Yes, well, now you know.

It's now 4am and I can't breathe sleep. Wonder if there's a way to figure out which kidlet gave me their germs, or if it is just all of the kidlets germs having a good old-fashioned romp in my system?

Whoever they are, they're totally getting an E on their report card.

Yes, I'm kidding, of course.

Besides, I am much too busy feeling sick and sorry for myself to even think of writing any report comments today. Boo bloody hoo.

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