Give Me Your Happy Walks!

Today at school, the kidlets got to participate in a professional dance lesson, which was hilariously fun. I'm still thinking about it now, hours on, and smiling. The aim is that each year learns a different cultural dance, and in a few weeks time the school will have a big celebration with all the classes dancing (complete with costumes made out of garbage bags, no, really.)

My class learnt a Swedish dance, so automatically I was laughing on the inside, my random brain thinking about Abba music, cute names like Inga and Sven, and Masseure sandals. (Sorry to any Swedish readers, I really am that hopeless and blissfully ignorant.) It was so damn cute.

They have to do lots of hand holding, skipping around in a circle, clapping, jumping and stomping. And the most wonderful part of the dance? The happy walking! When the kidlets are walking/skipping around in their circle, they need to do it swaying their heads from side to side in a 'happy walk'. Being the fabulous little petals that they are, most of the kidlets did this; even going as far as copying the completely fake and painful looking smile that the instructor was giving them as he pranced around the circle with them.

(For those of you who like mental images; Imagine about 75 kidlets skipping around like penguins with their arms to their sides, bobbing their heads from shoulder to shoulder, all the while smiling psychotically and staring into space. Happy dancing, indeed!)

We have lots of practice before we get it right, because it actually was quite tricky. The kidlets do half the dance sitting down doing the moves, and the other half standing up, and they're still working on getting up and down faster. But they're quick learners. They'll even get to wear cute little costumes, made entirely out of garbage bags and crepe paper.

Me, on the other hand? I've been fighting the urge to do the bloody 'happy walk' every time I get up and move around. Woo!

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