Confessions of a Semi-Burned out Blogger.

I fear that things are getting a wee bit stale around here as of late.

Let's face it; over the past few weeks the majority of my posts have revolved around late night ramblings, whinges about sickness and sore lasered eyeballs, my insane ability to keep on rescuing bunnies that hate each other, some semi-lame attempts at wittiness topped off by some completely random picture posts of no real importance.

And I don't even particularly like picture posts. Ack.

Even before NaBloPoMo was created, I was already posting at least once per day. Not for comments (as anyone who reads back that far can see that my readership was a whopping one fellow blogger who may or may not have been my own mother) and not for any particular reason at all, other than to keep myself writing something. I started dabbling in Sunday Scribblings to keep me going, which I really should start up again someday soon. Heck, I even created my own Sunday Google-age stats round-up to keep myself occupied, which is now just another blogging aspect I've let slide. My attention span is shot.

I love to write, I really do. But not only that, I love the interaction that comes along with it. It's been over a year since I started this particular blog, and the people that I've met from it never cease to amaze me. If it wasn't 2am, I could go through my blogroll and discuss how each and every person on there has had some sort of impact on me, simply through words. Excuse the warm fuzzies, I'm sleepy.

I realise that this post is just another batch of random ramblings; reading these posts makes the title of my blog seem pretty appropriate, don't you think? But just so you know, underneath all the wordplay, there is a reason for this post. That reason? I need your help getting out of the blogging rut I'm in. In the past, I threw an invitation out there to any readers I had, asking them to toss me a topic or question or scenario which I would then discuss on my blog. Keeping in mind that my readership wasn't overwhelmingly wonderful, my efforts flailed around in the air for a bit and didn't get very far.

So, I'm being brave, and I'm asking you all again. Give me some inspiration to keep on going, to keep sticking to my post-every-day vow. Stop me from talking about biting bunnies and snuffly noses, before I bore you (and myself) to puddles of tears. Boss me around a little, take control. I'm going to be brave, and take whatever gets thrown at me. (Hopefully what you're throwing at me is gentle though. And unbreakable. And soft and squooshy-like.) And seriously? All this talk of bunnies is making me sound just like Anya.

Thankyou, friends from the blogosphere. For wading your way through the boring bits of my life, and for sticking around for the long haul. Let's just hope the staleness wafts away very soon.

(Preferably with my cold and flu germs swiftly floating along behind it.)

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