They Say It Like It Is.

Dear Mum,
I love you. I will always love you. I will never stop loving you.
From T.

Dear Mum,

Thankyou for tying my shoelaces for me when I don't want to.

From D.

Dear Mum,

Happy Mothers Day! Thankyou for the $5 you gave me to spend on you for Mothers Day. I hope you like your present. It is chocolates!
Love B.

Dear Mum,

Hope you have a good day even though you gave me no money.

Love C.

It was our Mothers Day stall here at school today, meaning that if they had money, the kidlets could go and purchase pretty gifts. Watching the kids randomly point at gifts and gleefully put in their bags and take home brought out the warm fuzzies in me, it's obvious that they really loved choosing them.

It's days like this I love being a teacher.

Why? Because floral pink coat-hangers are all the rage these days. Just like they were fifteen years ago when I was the child delightedly taking them home to mum.

(I bet that it was exactly what she wanted, too.)

Some things never change.

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