A Birthday and a Bunny.

Today is Jason's 25th birthday! Woo! Happy Birthday! Yeah!

(And no. I am not wearing a bunny suit. The two are totally unrelated. Sort of. Kind of. Not really. Well, actually . . . no. I really am NOT wearing a bunny suit. Sorry if I let you down.)

Anyhoo, as a) I am terrible at buying gifts and b) The boy is hard to buy for, we came to the agreement a few weeks ago that he should just buy himself something that he likes and it can be from me. Sweet, eh? He decided on a business shirt, and since he is the fussiest man alive when it comes to that particular style of clothing, I let him go with that. That present has been ready for weeks.

I've bought him a few novelty type presents too, since I felt like the worlds slackest girlfriend. Best one? I bought him his own pet rabbit!

(Shit, is she talking about rabbits again? [audible groaning] Squee!)

Er, yes. We are the proud owners of another bunny, a wee baby this time. Though he's not as small as Lucy was when she was a wee baby, he's (eek, boy!) cute and squishy and white and also has floppy ears. He was also lonely in the shop, since he was a big boy and nobody wanted him. Being a sucker, I fell in love and ah . . .

Happy birthday Jason!

(I'd let Jason name him but, well, we've already decided on a name. And I'd let Jason take him home but, well, he's going to be friends with Lucy soon, so he might as well stay here. And I'd let Jason HAVE him as his own but, well, he is heading to England soon, so he's better off staying here with me and Lucy. Totally justifiable, right?)

We've decided to call wee baby bunny Ricky. Hard to figure that one out, eh? (I didn't get it at first. I wanted to call him Fred.)

Er, back to Jason. It's his birthday! Yeah! Now sing, bitches!

(And I'm going to book wee little one in to get his bits snipped as soon as can be, because as much as I love baby bunnies? I don't want Lucy and Ricky to be, ha, breeding like rabbits (!) in my backyard. I just want snuggling. Lots of snuggling.) I think I need help.

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