Blogging: How Serious Are You?

I've spent a fair amount of time over the past few weeks perusing blogs and seeking as much information as I could get my hands on, for the sheer sake of borrowing creative genius. It seems that when it comes to blogging, we tend to fall into a particular category. I'm not just talking about the standard blogging genres, because I don't believe I 'fit' into any in that respect anyway; I blog about education, I blog about myself & I blog about odds and ends. Categorise me where you so desire. No, what I'm talking about is how seriously we take our blogging.

While I will stand by the fact that I began this particular blog because of hilarious writer's like Amalah, I wasn't doing so for fame or fortune of my own. If you have, for some bizarre reason, ever taken the time to go through my archives, you'll notice that for months I had practically no readers at all. Except for my Mother, bless her cotton socks. (And after reading back over some of the dribble that I came up with in 2006, I'm surprised that I have any readers at all right now. Completely cringe-worthy.) So blah blah, I didn't start this blog for popularity; it was more like a way of me writing every day, even if those days didn't contain anything newsworthy. Once I pick a challenge, I usually stick with it.

Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, I've made my fair share of blogging friends. In fact, when something of note happens, I tend to scramble for the keyboard to blog and/or email you all, because sharing with you seems equally important as sharing to the people who surround me in reality. (Ha, in reality. That makes you all sound like figments of my imagination. Hello? Are you really there?) In regards to what I write, the content itself is all over the place. I would like to say that I don't censor my writing for anybody, but that would be a lie. I'm very aware of who reads my blog. I'm very aware that I'm unaware of people who read my blog. And so I do keep things censored, and steer away from certain topics. Them's the breaks for not being anonymous, and for keeping things 'real'.

As you can see, I'm doing a wonderful job of my usual trick today; rambling on and getting off track. Just a few paragraphs ago, I was discussing the seriousness of blogging. But what exactly does that mean? I don't actually know. Let me have a stab at figuring this one out.

There are the popular bloggers; ones with an insane amount of readers, the ones that are common place on our blogrolls and are well-known amongst the rest of us. Then there are blogs who fall in the middle; they still value their blogs and take care of how they look, and are happy with their fabulous, if a little smaller circle of friends. (Of course, they always welcome new visitors, too.) And then there are blogs for people who just plain enjoy having their own space of the internet to call home, unconcerned with who reads them, how many comments their posts recieve and what their site statistics happen to be on a certain day. Which of these do you think you fall into?

I think for the time being, I'm an 'on the fence' blogger. I do secretly experience thrills of pride when I see myself on a new blogroll or when I make a new blogging friend, but if there suddenly became a rule where your current readership was frozen forever? I'd be happy with what I've got. As for my writing, well, I have my days. I'm happy enough posting a random quote from one of the kidlets one day, followed by a deep and meaningful post about the future the next. Nothing like a little variation, and besides - that's life. All over the place.

But does all that mumbo-jumbo make me serious about my blogging? I think it does.

I blog every day. Regardless of the content, I try to ensure that my posts contain good grammar. I use spell check before posting. I punctuate fairly well, if you ignore my overuse of commas and exclamation marks, but that's a story for another day. I enjoy recieving comments from readers who have enjoyed what I've posted about, or simply want to join in on the topic at hand. I'm fussy with my sidebar, and currently love my text-based template. Checking the blogs of my stalkeriffic friends is something I do daily.

Blogging is simply a part of my routine, including in my lunch breaks.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you are serious about blogging?

I know I'm seriously addicted, in any case. And wouldn't have it any other way.

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Nathan Pralle said...

I like to think I'm serious about my blogging insomuch as I spend a lot of time thinking up worthwhile topics, interesting angles, and I agonize over the actual content of my post and how it looks before I release it to the wolves, so to speak.

That being said, this does not in any way indicate that I'm any GOOD at blogging. It does, however, mean that I'm managing to squelch on work and other things to fill my habit. ;)

Writing is good for me -- it lets me have an outlet to organize my mental thoughts, take some of the rants and opinions I form in the shower to myself, and output these into something of form and substance. Then I get to try to edit it into something I think someone ELSE would read, which is usually the harder part. My mental stream might trickle prettily in my mind, but others? Well...

At any rate, I think I'm taking a decent approach to it, but who's to say?

Sarah / MMDesigns said...

Amen, sista! (I use spellcheck, too, before posting. Spelling errors drive me nuts!)

Blogging for me is an outlet. Like Amalah, I'm home with a toddler all day and spend time with other women with toddlers and we talk about our toddlers....see the theme?

Blogging helps me keep the Grown Up Side my brain functioning (relatively). I can talk about serious or frivilous things, whatever tickles my fancy, really. I find that very freeing.

Except for a few crazies, recently brought about because I expressed an opinion that they vehemently disagreed with (*ahem* elistism *ahem*), I enjoy the blogging community. I've been lucky enough to make some great friends and meet some super people! :)

However, I do censor one subject and one subject only: my MIL and SIL. The Hubby and his aunt occassionally read my blog and I'd rather not have them see that there.

Now who's rambling...? LOL!

Lara said...

i am completely serious about blogging, and i wouldn't (and couldn't) do without it now. it's a vital part of my life, and frankly, i don't think that's a bad thing. i feel like part of an interesting community, i have support when i need it, laughs when i want them, and regular practice for my writing. all sounds good to me.

do you read BlogRhet? ( there was a recent post about how being bloggers affects the way we live our lives: "lifting the veil of the inner blogologue." you should check it out if you get a chance, because i think you'd like it (and relate to it). :)

kirby said...

I'm serious about complaining. It's really all I seem to do on mine.

Snoskred said...

I'm serious enough about it to be starting a new blog which will also be a business, sort of a tourism blog.

I never realised I could write until I started blogging. I've always been a photographer so add the two together and that's perfect. ;)

Hey you're an Aussie blogger, why aren't you a part of the Australian Blogs Community on Bumpzee? I've met loads of great people through it. ;)

All Aussies (and even Aussies living not in Australia) are welcome to join, so if you're an Aussie blogger reading this join us! ;)


RA said...

I would say that I'm serious about writing and blogging is an easy way for me work on it. I'm not serious about getting hard-copy published or getting millions of comments, but I wouldn't complain if that happened. I more enjoy the challenge of writing something that's clear and personal; when others enjoy it, it's a really wonderful bonus. That's why I try to follow up on comments right away. I think I'm in the second category.

I'm still trying to get a grip on the whole blogosphere community. I struggle with it because I'm very shy and the self-promotion aspect of it rubs me the wrong way. Any hesitation I have about saying that I'm serious about blogging is due to the fact that I have a hard time buying in to the whole production of it in terms of linking, commenting, responding to comments, sending stuff out to get published, digging, etc. It's kind of exhausting to consider. So maybe I fit more into the last category. Can't we have more choices? :)

Amen on the spellcheck, sister.

Operation Pink Herring said...

I don't know if I would say I'm "serious" about it. I really try not to be, because a lot of the things that other bloggers seem to be caught up on is silly to me. Like getting more comments and self-promoting and page rank and all that. I'm actually kind of uncomfortable with the way my site traffic has increased lately. It feels strange to know that I have lurkers and to have to apologize to internet strangers that I've offended. Of course, that's the nature of the internet and so be it. I've "met" lots of wonderful people through blogging, and I love that aspect of it, but I'm happy with my little tiny community, so I think I'm in your third category.

Margaret said...

I don't think I'm at all serious about my blogging. I once tried to force myself to write everyday and it always turned into a crappy post if I did that. So now I just post when I have something I want to share.

~Kathryn~ said...

i understand totally about being 'aware' who is reading and unaware who is reading ... those freaky stats and weird visitors always make me hesitant. i am sometimes *scared* to show the real me on my blog
i'm serious about it -in a non serious way - i love it and am addicted -but i'm not expecting a big fan club or anything (i do have 28 people subscribing to it - so that can't be bad right ???)

love ya girl

Laurel said...

I'm with RA, I try to write posts that I'm proud of and that focus on some kind of subject. But, I'm actually scared of getting very many more readers than I have right now... I don't want *that* much attention.

Noelle said...

The quality of my day is often in direct proportion to the number of comments I get. I find I have a lot more visitors than commenters, because most of them are looking to name their kickball teams, and I have a link to that on my site. I think that if I snazz up the design a little and make the topics more universal, I may get off the fence.

Carrie said...

I've read blogs for years and finally gave into them because I like to learn from others. I want people to answer my questions. I don't want to be popular and I generally don't go out searching for blogs. I used to when I was trying to get readers. I like my readers and stick with them. I use my blog like a journal. I don't check my grammer and sometimes, I don't even read what I wrote. It just kinda helps me get things off my chest. I think real popular bloggers can't really get to know anyone because they have too many. I like to keep it on a more personal level and get to know the few friends I have well.

heidikins said...

Blogging is my therapy. I rant about things, I discuss things in my head (or with fellow bloggians) and come to a decision. It's like my grandmothers Bridge Club or Sewing Circle. Like-minded individuals who bond over personal experiences and share their wit, humor and style with each other. Granted, I've only met one or two of my blog-friends instead of seeing them all twice a week - but I think that makes it even better. In a lot of ways we are all similar, but in some ways we are very different and it's great to hear different perspectives and experiences.

On that note: you are amazing! Love you to pieces! xoxox

Leslie said...

I love your blog and I think it is the best blog out there. (This is partly due to the fact that you are the ONLY blog I read regularly if one does not count Perez Hilton.) I think the randomness of it is what I love the best. I adore it when you get off track and next thing you know, 3 different topics have flown by! (I guess I love it so because it's how my brain works most of the time so I am RIGHT THERE with you girl!) I am still working on starting a blog of my own and you are the one that has inspired me to do so. Keep on blogging baby!!!

Natalie said...

I consider myself to be a fairly serious blogger. Not blogging about serious things necessarily, but I take my blogging duties quite seriously. I try to blog everyday, and carry a notebook with me to jot down ideas that come to me when I'm away from my computer. I love getting comments, and I love seeing someone that I know not-too-well who tells me, "Love your blog" or when they understand something I say that comes from my blog and they're in on the joke. It's a special feeling. And I like it. And I'm a total blogaholic. And I totally feel good about it when a new person comments. Makes me feel heard. y'heard?

Chiada said...

Wow, hey! I'm on your blogroll! Thankee, kindly, ma'am! I just had that slight feeling of pride that you described.

My feelings on my blog are rather jumbled: I like to write simply for myself. I've kept a journal, whether written or typed, for most of my life. For me, it's just a way to record something memorable to look back on and laugh about. (Or think: "I am so lame.") I do like getting comments and I feel like I don't get enough of them. Granted, I suppose I have to put my blog "out there" to get more traffic and comments. But then, I like remaining somewhat anonymous just in case, you know? I have some friends who get tons of comments and I wonder why, when I think my posts are just as good as theirs. I don't post everyday because I don't always have something interesting to say. Sometimes I feel pressured to post if I haven't posted in a few days. But then I try to come up with something readable and usually don't. I also try to use good grammar, punctuation (I love commas and parentheses), and spelling. I also like to make references to movie quotes or song lyrics, but they usually go unnoticed.

In the end, I suppose I am a disappointed blogger. In some ways, it doesn't matter, because I'm only blogging for myself. But in other ways, I feel a twinge of jealousy when other bloggers get much more traffic and comments. Oh well. I'm semi-serious, I guess.

elise said...

Hmm. Good question. I think I'm serious about blogging in the sense that I enjoy it, it is a part of my daily life, and I have met people I really enjoy through blogging. I also think I'm serious in the sense that if someone told me I could never blog again, or read anyone else's blog, I would be affected greatly. As in, I would be very unhappy about that.

However, I definitely do not write every day, and when I try to put pressure on myself TO write every day, it feels like just that. Pressure. And then I start to feel guilty, and then I don't like it at all. So I guess I have to maintain a good mix of serious and non-serious. I do get really annoyed at the whole traffic and site ranking things. I don't obsessively check my stats, or really want to go out and find ways to get more readers. I like it a lot when I GET new readers, and when I meet new people through writing I think it's awesome and amazing. But I'm not willing to "whore" my blog out just so that I can see that I have 300 comments and 30,000 readers.

Whew! Good topic! Everyone has lots to say. Perhaps I will steal it from you :) I mean BORROW. Of course ;)

nancypearlwannabe said...

I suppose I'm on the fence? I love getting comments. I love writing. It's kind of a win-win. Except when I don't get comments, then I feel like my writing is crap.

Actually, though, blogging is much more a part of my life than I ever expected it to be, and I love it, and I love all my blog friends. So I guess I'd do it anyway, even if I didn't get comments, I just might not be quite as addicted. :)

Katie said...

I'm on the fence. I blog because I love blogging and I've met so many awesome people through it, but I also get a little thrill when I see my name on someone's blogroll, or see people have left comments. But it's not the end of the world if I only get a couple of comments as compared to, say, *cough* 20 comments so far... :P

I have some stats things and to be honest I was thinking today about removing a few because I don't want to know that much information. I don't need to know that my traffic dipped last week, or that people are stealing my images - I'm getting too serious about it I think and I don't want to - this is a FUN hobby for me, and I'm turning it into something less enjoyable if I start over analysing things.

Aurelius said...

I don't like to think I am serious about my blogging, because after all, I write when the mood strikes me. And maybe because lately I've had a lot of time on my hands, the mood has struck me a lot more often. The stats I get baffle me, but they're also kind of flattering. To know that people like what I write well enough to keep coming back amazes me.
Having spent huge chunks of my life wishing more people would listen to me (when I was promoting bands I managed or working in the political sphere) it's kind of nice to know that there are people out there in the world who do like hearing what I've got to say.
I think its important to write often, and because you are one of those I read who does update every day, it's nice to drop by. Less frequent posters I find quite frustrating when I come by all the time and the same blurb is sitting there that I've seen before.
You write well Alyndabear, and I hope you keep it up.

- Aurelius

Kristabella said...

I'm serious I would say. I fall into the category with you. I enjoy doing it so much I wonder why I didn't start blogging earlier. Would I like to get to Dooce level and be paid to do it? Of course because that's how much I love to write. But it is something that really makes me happy.

And I like making new friends!

minijonb said...

I'm very serious about my blogging.

And I blog about complete nonsense.

Erin said...

I love blogging and I am seriously addicted to reading blogs! I started writing my blog as a way to just get my thoughts out of my head. I have very few readers, but I love them very much and I am thrilled that they want to share my nuttiness with me. I'd say I'm pretty serious about blogging, even though I get off track sometimes when things at work get crazy. But, I also have a moment practically every single day where I say to myself, "I'm going to blog about that."

tiffany said...

i'd say exactly what you said.
and that's what i love about blogging: all the times when i stumble across something and just sit there nodding my head as i read.

Audrey said...

I'm serious about my blogging. I'm happy with my current readership, and I'm not actively out there trying to get more people to come to my site or anything like that, although newbies are more than welcome.

I try to post about 5 times/week. But I also try not to post just any crap that comes through my fingertips. I used to do more of a free-writing style of blogging, back in the early days, but nowadays I like to re-read, revise, etc. all of my posts before hitting publish. And I think my blog is far better for it.

I'm serious about reading blogs, too, but not in the way that I have to do it every day. I tend to read blogs like amalah and dooce every day, because I know i mostly just read those and don't comment. But when it comes to blogs of my "blog friends" -- blogs that i know I will probably want to comment on -- I tend to wait to read the post until I know I will have time to leave a thoughtful comment. there are some blogs that you can just skim through, and there are some that are more important and require full attention. So I may fall behind on reading my freinds' blogs sometimes, but that's only because i want to give them the time and attention they deserve.

Trisha said...

I think I'm more like you, on the fence. I can't say I blog every day, because I don't. Sometimes my life is just too busy. I'm either running the twins here, or running my preschooler there, volunteering at this school, making plans for a field trip at the other. But I try, for the most part, to put a lot of thought into my posts. Sure, I have my "fluff" pieces, if you will, like when I talk about my fantasy football league or something funny that popped into my head. But when it comes to something serious, at least to me, I put more effort into the blog entry.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and find that my blog, for me, is a way to interact with other adults. My husband works insane hours, so I can't always count on him to be home to talk to. After awhile, my conversations with my two 6 year olds and my 4 year old start to wear on me. In that way, sometimes my blog posts are just sbout my thought and feelings for the day. I do, however have to censor my own blog due to my dh's line of work, but I'm ok with that. I have other places I can talk about that sort of stuff that won't allow the whole world to see it, kwim?

But, yeah, I'm happy with my blog and the number of readers I get a day. If I were to pick up more, great! If not, I'm ok with that.

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