Life is a Highway.

Every morning I drive the same twenty five minute route to work. Every morning I'm greeted with the same overwhelming stench of chicken manure as I drive past the pace farm on the corner. Every morning I get stuck behind the same cars who enjoy driving ten kilometres lower than the speed limit. Every morning I see the same striped car, with it's sunglassed owner chatting away on his mobile phone.

Every morning.

It's a fairly uneventful journey, but the things you notice on the drive are interesting. You see how many drivers break road rules and drive dangerously. You see how many drivers tailgate and overtake illegally. And you see people pulling some pretty amusing faces, too. Putting makeup on, talking on a hands-free kit, yelling at kids in the backseat, or even talking to themselves.

What would people notice if they paid attention to me driving along in my big red silver car? They'd most likely see me chewing on my lip (a horrible habit I've started doing more of recently), yawning hugely (am not a morning person) or belting out some tunes. (Let's face it: the car is hands-down the best place to sing.)

What do you think you look like when you're driving?

(In other non-driving news, Justin Timberlake is finally bringing his sexy down under. Is it bad that part of me wants to go and join the teenyboppers for the evening?)

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Lara said...

in the morning, i look stressed, because i'm always late. in the afternoon, i look happy, because i'm on my way to lunch. in the evening, i look ecstatic, because i'm on my way home for the evening. and every once in a while, i look like a big, green dragon. yep. dragon.

~Kathryn~ said...

ohhh i'll go see justin with you !!!

kirby said...

Lets go help bring sexy back.

I look scary when I'm driving. Little girl in what has been described as a 'monster truck', towing trailer. But yes, you do notice all the idiots a lot more when you drive huge amounts.

Jenny*in*London said...

Go bring sexy back. It's worth it! I went to the one in London and, despite my infinite amusement at being perhaps the oldest person in the audience, it was SO WORTH IT.

I walk to work in the morning. Usually with headphones on. And yes, I'm the pedestrian you hate who walks in front of traffic, assuming the cars will stop. And yes, I despite pedestrians like me!

Julz* said...

I HATE getting stuck behind people who drive 10km/hr slower than the speed limit AND not being able to overtake them >_

Kristabella said...

I'd be making faces from the idiot talk show hosts and the callers who call in during the morning shows.

And talking to myself.

And making angry faces at buses who cut me off.

All with only one eye open since I am not a morning person either.

I'm going to bet you'll be the same age, if not younger, than a lot of the people at the J. Timberlake show. Because I'm older than you, and I would go. He's hawt!

alana said...

It's not bad at all. I'd like to go see the Spice Girls when they come to Toronto (!!!), and they are much less cool than Justin Timberlake (teenyboppers not withstanding).

grungedandy said...

Be careful sounds a little like Groundhog Day! You might get stuck & never leave OZ

Sounds the same as the commute to work here except no cars, just a train & 2 buses!
(Shhh don’t tell anyone but I make bus friends! People you see everyday & I say hi to hee hee)



Laurel said...

Definitely go to Justin Timberlake! Tons of my friends have gone to his tour... the only reason I haven't is that I'm cheap.

Julie said...

No you must go see Justin!
You will love it!

And ew chicken manure??
Isn't another way to go to work?

elise said...

I'm in the car next to you putting on mascara frantically at every red light.

And I also would have gone to see JT when he was here, but for $95 a ticket, I just couldn't stomach it. Too much sexy for me.

Kelly said...

When I drive, people see a tiny white car speeding along, yelling obsenities (with the windows up) at anyone who cuts me off, tailgates me, or drives too slow. I also like to try and race people *is ashamed* Can you imagine my 3 cylinder car trying to haul ass? It does, occasionally.
I'm a road rager :(

janet said...

I know I usually look like hell on the Metro in the morning because it's flipping 100 degrees and 99% humidity here, which makes a girl QUITE UGLY. But when I am driving, I think I must look happy cause I love my new car a lot :)

angela said...

I usually only talk on my cell phone when I am stuck in slow traffic and about to go out of my mind. It gives me a nice little release so I don't explode from the frustrations of not moving. And I only sing in the car when I don't think anyone can see me, so I never do that on my drives to and from work. Too many witnesses.

So anyway, I guess most of the time I look pretty normal, but it's not easy to practice that much restraint.

briliantdonkey said...

I fear they would(in fact at times they DO) see me talking to myself. Of couse as soon as I am caught, I pretend to be singing instead. Errrr I mean I WAS singing it just LOOKS like I am talking.


Katie said...

Hmm what would I be doing? Probably applying lip gloss and singing at the top of my lungs, bouncing around on the seat. Highly embarrassing yet oddly satisfying.

And if you go see Justin, I just might cry.

Teacher A said...

I'm a car singer. Singing in the car is what all the cool people do.

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