Eight Things.

Since I've woken up this morning in a bit of a confused state of mind, (It's Saturday. I'm hungry. My glands are hurting. I miss Jason. Where is he right now anyway?) I've decided that instead of wandering around the house feeling lost, that I'll instead tackle the tagging invitation Lara and Kris sent out a couple of days ago. Say what you will about meme's, but they are a perfect distraction.

Here we go. (I'll try not to revolve my answers around a certain recurring theme.)

A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

I can do that! [clears throat]

1. We'll start with something fresh, since you've all hopefully seen my bling picture. I have really large fingers. Scratch that, I'll be blunt. I have really FAT fingers. The top of them are average sized, but underneath the lower knuckle? They're huge. I remember being in high school and going shopping for a ring, and the jeweler told me I had the biggest fingers he'd ever seen on a woman. Needless to say, I've been scarred for life.

2. I still haven't read the new Harry Potter book. Yep, I'm a huge fan/nerd. Yep, I had it pre-ordered. Yep, it's sitting on my bookshelf. Yep, I stare at it lovingly every day. But I promised myself I would wait until Jase left before I read it, so it would be a nice distraction of sorts. My geek factor has kicked in again though, meaning I'm putting off reading it. (If you guys read my 100 things page, you might remember that I always start over in a series before I read the latest release?) Yep, I did that again. Finished Order of the Phoenix last night, now it's onto the Half Blood Prince, and EVENTUALLY I'll read the Deathly Hallows. I've managed to avoid seeing a single spoiler so far, so if you ruin it for me, I will hurt you.

3. I'm sick of being sick. Do I really need to go further? (I realise there are people who are legitimately much, much sicker than I am, but I still feel like crap.) Don't hate me.

4. My white-board calendar is still on June. I think I need to get with the times.

5. If I could have a servant for the day, their main tasks would include the following; washing my hair, brushing my hair, bringing me endless cups of tea and keeping me occupied. When did I get so restless anyway?

6. My newest bun, Ricky, seems to be growing up. (As evidenced by the fact that he now weighs more than Lucy and likes to hump everything in sight.) At our last vet visit I was told to ahem, check for certain prominent parts of his anatomy, and when I discovered them I could book him in to get his man-parts snipped off. (I don't know who is more tramatised every time we do this fun procedure, Ricky or me.) Well. As much as I have enjoyed that delightful task, to put it bluntly, I still can't find any boy-parts. Seeing as though I've never actually searched for bunny balls before and that there really isn't enough room in our hutch for baby rabbits, I think he'll need to go in for another checkup just to be on the safe side.

7. My birthday suitcase arrived the day before last. (It's light! It's pretty! It's red!) All I can think about now? Wanting to pack. Is five months before departure a little too early to be packed, do you think? I also want to pull apart my room completely right now, but again, probably a little too early on the organising. Settle down, self.

8. Dude! I just got a spam email from an astrology website, titled "Will He Come Back?" This is what it said: "Are you still obsessing about a relationship that absorbs all of your attention and has you wondering if he will come back?" Damn. That's some spooky shit. It's like it's reading my mind. [Freaks out.]

I'm not going to double my eight facts because let's face it, am lazy. And I'm also going to cheat on the tagging issue, so if you're up for a bit of a filler blog entry today (but an informative one at that!) feel free to steal.

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Kristabella said...

Hey! I'm first!

So, my fingers are like the exact opposite. Well, kind of. I have HUGE knuckles, so all rings have to be large to fit over the knuckle, then are all loose around my finger.

Hence why I never wear rings. That and I'm like a size 9 or 10. And they don't carry those at stores.

angela said...

Poor Ricky, becoming a man and being ousted in front of the entire Internet. He must be so embarrassed.

Kris said...

BUNNY BALLS! BUNNY BALLS!!!!!!! next time i get upset over something i'm just going to shout bunny balls and i'm sure i'll be fine
awww hugsss skype is the best for doing the long distance thing
your bling is gorgeous! I love rings that twist like that
Hope you're doing ok and that ur distracted. I'm glad the meme came in handy

kirby said...

Finding animal pink bits is always a little disturbing. Like when you bend down to cut their nails.... and it's right there.....O_O...THAT is traumatising.

Lara said...

for some reason, i find it really funny that you posted the rules but then chose not to follow them. i blame my amusement on the fact that it's 5am.

Lindsey said...

It's never to early to organize though, right??? I'm with you...calm down self. :-) At least you have something to look forward to and to take your mind off of Jase. It won't take your mind off him?? Oh well, I tried. I miss him for you.

lisa said...

ha ha. bunny balls wins for the funniest phrase of the day. probably the whole week...

Audrey said...

I hear from Schnozz that bunny balls stink. So that may help clue you in as to when they, uh, arrive.

When you finish reading Harry come join the SPOILERS DON'T SCARE US party over at my blog!

Brie said...

Harry is AWESOME and I can't wait till you read it and hear what you think.

Lia said...


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