Punch Is Your Friend.

Did you know that I didn't touch an alcoholic beverage of any kind until I was 19?

I know.

It's true, though. Not a single sip of beer. Nada. Nothing. Alright, I did indulge in one disgustingly creamy Mud Slide on my 18th birthday dinner, which I couldn't stand and ended up giving away, but other than that? I was completely alcohol free. Until I went to Europe, that is. Ah sweet Europe, where they have wine on every table and keep the booze flowing all evening long.

I have fond memories to this day of my first drunken romp in an Aussie pub in Nice, France. I especially remember stumbling up the stairs to the bathroom, giggling hysterically while on the loo because I was swaying rather a lot, and forcing people to plait my hair for me. (What I don't remember is how we got home. No idea.)

Anyway, I soon discovered that I had a fairly nifty (and expensive) trick when it came to drinking. Even though I technically should have been a lightweight as I never drank alcohol, I came to realise that it seemed to take a lot of drinks to make me tipsy. Am talking lots of glasses of wine. A fair few bottles of girly drinks. Loads of cocktails. None of this one-drink-wonder crap. I apparently had guts of steel. Good to brag about, expensive for a night on the town.

Last night we had a little Sing Star shindig, and I decided to throw together some punch for myself. I wasn't particularly fussed on what was going in it or what it looked like, since it was only me that would be indulging in it. I ended up tossing in some tropical fruit juice, a little diet lemonade, some Midori and some Vodka.

Don't ask me for the recipe, as I made my little concoction using the old "pour and sip" taste testing method. I don't know how much alcohol was in it altogether. All I know is that it tasted pretty darned good and I was giggling an hour later. And it was only 7pm.

Apparently I'm a lightweight after all. (Or I just make bloody awesome punch.)

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kirby said...

I'd pay good money to see you drunk.

I'd pay good money to see myself drunk, actually....

grungedandy said...

Ha! I once drunk 10 pints of hooch (alcapops) with a shot of sounthern comfort & was still only tipsy, I wanted to get blotted (really drunk) Thant was in my 20's, you will find ya can't drink so much the older you git, so the more you can afford it the less ya can drink it! bummer!

~Kathryn~ said...

*hic* and how proud i was of you not to drink when all your friends were doing it at 14 !!!

you didn't mention in your post that you used nearly a FULL bottle of vodka in your various jugs of punch during the night

pity you couldn't hold up to the oldies though and slipped off to bed early LMAO

love ya mup

Lindsey said...

LOL I love it! In college(university to you) I wasn't such a lightweight because I was drinking more often. In Australia I drank all of the bloody time. The drunkest I've ever been was at this birthday party when I was in Australia. It was the only time I've thrown up from drinking and the only time I was so drunk that I think I blacked out at various points in the evening. I didn't know how I got into bed anyway. Now I don't drink very often at all so it only takes a couple glasses of wine for me to start feelin' it. I especially like fruity drinks like the one you just had where you can't taste the alcohol.

Erin said...

MMMM punch....that sounds awfully tasty right now.

I am becoming more of a lightweight as I get older. At my bachelorette party I managed to down 23 shots in one night. Now I'm lucky if I can make it through a bottle of wine. Perhaps I'm just out of practice...

Kristabella said...

I can drink most people under the table.

But I'm also almost 6-feet tall, so it would be wrong for me to be a lightweight.

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