On Ooze & Bunny Balls.

A couple of days ago, I was putting Ricky back in the hutch when he decided to help me out a little, by launching himself into a flying leap off my hands and into the enclosure. Which was all well and good, except that one of his claws gave me a tiny scratch on my palm on the way down.

No big deal. I washed my hands and didn't think anything of it.

Until now, that is. Since the spot has since turned sore and puffy and looks suspiciously oozy, for lack of a better word.

It's not pretty. Think I'm dying. May lose hand. Need sympathy. Now. Please.

Ah, well. I guess I'll get my own back on poor, unsuspecting Ricky this afternoon - it's time for the "Search for Ricky's Genitalia" quest to continue. And if we find any man-parts? It's hello expensive surgery and bye-bye bunny balls.

I'll keep you informed. (Because I know you're simply itching to know how it goes.)

Edit: He's been booked in for Tuesday morning, so he gets to enjoy his manliness for another couple of days. Do you think that I should hire him some strippers and/or bunny adult entertainment for his last party weekend?

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Julz* said...

hahaha now that's a fair revenge I think :P

*gives you sour worms*

kirby said...

give him a cut out of Jessica Rabbit from Roger Rabbit and I'm sure he'll think all his christmases have come at once.

As for the hand, I suggest drawing ointment. Will suck that infection right out of there. I swear by it.

Durga said...

Get that hand checkout by the GP..
ya never know what's goin on there.

Erin said...

Well, it sounds like we might have to amputate. Don't worry...I can't help you out with that. I do it for my kids at school all the time....trouble is, they never get the joke. But at least I'm amused!

And I dig the Jessica Rabbit cutout idea. Makes bunnies happy.

Noelle said...

My hand is now permanently deformed from the time my neighbor dumped her kitten in my lap and the kitten only wanted to struggle to be free. It also got puffy and itchy. I think strippers are a good idea, as long as bun appreciates what you're doing for him.

Julie said...

You better go to the doctor to get that hand looked out.
It sounds gross, I am sure it looks grosser.

bye bye bunny balls!

Laurel said...

Someone needs to make a movie or write a book called "Bye Bye Bunny Balls" methinks.

Virginia Gal said...

RE: Laurel's comment - maybe a musical?

Yes, do get your hand checked out. Oozy and puffy = bad. Especially with red streaks coming out from it.

Britt said...

Keep your eye on that Ricky. He's out to get you!

Margaret said...

I know you're thinking this is revenge for the hand cutting but be careful, because after the bunny balls go bye bye he may just feel the need to get even with you all over again!

Jessica Rabbit cut out! lol

minijonb said...

go find the best dermatologist in your area quick! save that hand!!!

...and you're being too kind to Ricky. just show him some Bunny porn and then cut it off.

briliantdonkey said...

Run Ricky RuNNNNNNNN!!!!! or hop or skip, or whatever you want to do, but get the hell out of there!

Meannnnnwhile over on Ricky's bunny blog:

"she thinks she is just going in to get her hand checked, but while she is there we are going to remove her boobies and call it 'getting fixed' to see how SHE likes it. Teach that upright walker to mess with me!


suzy sue said...

Haha- dosent bunny know women always get the last laugh...that scratch has cost him his balls. I bet you have a satisfied grin when he comes back balless lol

Brie said...

Chances are its cellulitis (often people get it when they get scratched by a cat or bunny, etc.) It won't hurt to get it checked out, but keep it clean and dry. Put some anitbiotic ointment on it and a band aid.

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