Not-So-Subtle Distractions.

So before I begin, I should inform you that I have tried to take photos of the birthday ring to share with you guys. Honestly. My camera though, isn't having a bar of it. Guess that's what you get for buying an el-cheapo digital camera with no zoom and an automatic flash. And for having a pale hand. Every time I try to take a picture of it, the flash turns everything white (well, whiter than it already is) and you can barely even tell I'm wearing a ring. I'll keep working on it.

But can I at least distract you with random animal/us pictures? Yes? Excellent!

You'll have to excuse the dodgy formatting, because I've figured that this theme? It does not like anything too fancy used with it. Center? Doesn't work. Trying to insert some basic html to get paragraphs? Er, no. And since my host has changed it's file servers, I'm stuck.

First is tanning bunnies. Watching them flop down on the ground is priceless. I did have other bunny pictures to show you, but this blog is being evil enough as it is already.  And next, these are my last photos that will be taken with Jase before he flies to London -- TOMORROW.  [Loud wailing.]  You'll have to excuse the red face and puffy eyes, and no, it's not from bawling at the thought of him leaving. It's the head cold and ahem, upper respiratory viral infection being plain old nasty. [Bleh.] Anyway, safe travels, dude. I love you. And I'll miss you. And just think of the perks over there, other than enjoying yourself in a foreign country and all. Let's face it, without my germs, you're most likely going to be sickness free for a while.And you'll get to go sightseeing!And be a tourist!And have fun! And maybe, just maybe, I'll learn how to mend holes in socks while you're away. Not that I'll be mending your socks like a house mistress or anything, but you know. It's a handy skill to have. Innit?

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Katie said...

Aww cute bunnies! Look at their floppy little ears! I want one, hehe. And those pics of you and Jason are so cute too, awww he's going to have a great time overseas. Keep trying to get a photo of the ring! :)

Siany said...

Cute pics!! Hope you had a fab birthday! Cant wait to see the bling, I mean ring... xoxo

Brie said...

I love the pix of you and Jase! I hope you are enjoying the last hours with him. I know you will miss him and that you will make it through this separation. Can't wait to see the ring!!

Kelly said...

Awww.. you're so cute. Cute couple.
I've seen the ring!!!
You're right, he does have very good taste!

Lara said...

cute pics of the two of you!

i tagged you for a meme over at my place. you know, in case "the list" isn't keeping you busy enough. ;)

LaLa said...

Hello lovely,

Gorgeous pics, wish Jase well from me tomorrow, tell him to try and stay out of the Walkabout. Wish i could think of something more interesting to write but I too am sick as a dog.

Bah to the late winter lurgies.


kirby said...

I'm going to be thinking of you tomorrow dear, you're quite welcome to call me and complain if you'd like. I'll listen. Wish him a safe trip for me... actually... I can do that on HIS BLOG! bahaha... he's going to get so sick of random people like myself posting things on it.

Nila said...

What a good lookin' couple.
My friend's boyfriend just went back to Amsterdam and she's so sad, so I know what you're going through. But you'll be together soon enough.

You must show the bling. I never get any so I'll live vicariously through you.

Laurel said...

Hang in there, dear! Long distance lurrve sucks. But I know that you and Jase will be fine and keep in close touch. :)

Audrey said...

You two are adorable! I'm sorry the day has finally arrived that he's leaving, but at least every day from now on will bring you that much closer to seeing him again!

Marianne said...

I'm sorry your boy is leaving. :( But I have to tell you, you are SO RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY! *hugs*

Britt said...

Bunnies?!? Holy crap! They're cute!

lisa said...

oh, happy belated birthday! as my summer plans got all botched to hell, your cd's will have to come in the mail. is hould make it to thepaost office sometime in the next few years, i swear.

Kristabella said...

You two are so, so cute together! As cute as bunnies and such!

You can make it! You'll be back with him sooner than you think!

Leslie said...

Those pics were SO good!!! One can never go wrong with bunny pictures and regardless of your illness, you look fabulous!!! Congrats on the bling! Feel better soon!
I used WAY too many exclamation points there, but the occasion called for it.)

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