A Monday Funny.

I've made a fair few mistakes when it comes to slips of the tongue in the past, particularly when I'm nervous. (Remember Lick Nachey, anyone?) I always figured I was just hopeless, but just yesterday I learned that my ability to mix words up and blurt out nonsense instead is genetic, and is all thanks to my hilarious dad.

After proudly showing him my tiny knitted wonky square, Dad had a bit of a chuckle and decided to pronounce that it was;

"Like a thumper for your jum."

Go ahead and decipher it for me. I'm too busy rolling around on the floor imagining his confused expression after he'd said it. Hee.

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Nathan Pralle said...

A jumper for your tongue?

A jumper for your tum? (must have a tiny tum to work)

A jumper for your bum? (similar requirement)

Funny, though. Spoonerisms kick ass. :) Have you ever heard of Terry Foy? He's a guy that goes around the Renaissance Faires here in the States and does an act where he tells whole fairy tales in Spoonerisms. Very, very funny, but you have to be quick to catch them all. His website is here: http://www.torysteller.com/ and you can search YouTube for some of his videos. Great fun.

janet said...

this is like the directions a friend gave me to her house one time:

"Go around the jig at the teeter."

I was like UMMMMMM that does not help me at all.

cady said...

haha...the first thing i thought of was a jumper for your thumb. hehe. :)

natalie said...

first thought, jumper for your thumb
Lick Nachey is excellent, by the way.

Chiada said...

A jumper for your thumb.

kirby said...

lick nachey still makes me giggle.

Sassy Belle said...


I do that ALL THE TIME.

I once said to someone "To Glory be the God." um. no. not what I was going for exactly.

Noelle said...

The radio DJ this morning introduced "Bruce Springstreet and the E Sting Band." Nothing was mentioned about thumpers.

Leslie said...

I'm voting for "jumper for your thumb".
I do that too. Only I do it with people.
Our friends Jack & Patty? "Pack & Jatty"
My brother-in-law and his cow of a wife? Instead of Chuck & Kim, it's Kuck & Chim.
(Yes she is a cow. But not as nice as a real cow.)

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