Overheard in the Classroom #1

The setting: My pretty classroom.
The characters: Yours truly, a visiting classroom teacher and the kidlets.
The background: The teacher asked if she could lock her bag away in my storeroom, and a little polite conversation followed afterwards.

Kidlet #1: [shocked voice] Mrs S is friends with Mrs X!
Kidlet #2: [snotty voice] Well of COURSE she is. Where else would she find a friend?

Apparently I'm more of a social recluse than I thought, if the idea of me having friends shocks my kidlets to the core. And also, notice I am married?

(To myself, but not the point.)

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Katie said...

Haha, I still remember when I first saw one of my teachers food shopping. I couldn't believe they actually ATE. And POOPED. Weird.

Brie said...

Just after I graduated from high school, I saw my math teacher, his social studies teacher wife and their 2 kids- in Victoria's Secret. I'm still traumatized!

Erin said...

Back in my college days I co-taught as part of a practicum with another students. All of our preschool kiddos were convinced that we were sisters and lived together.

~Kathryn~ said...

what ?? you have friends ???

Durga said...

haha classic.

I see my Uni lecturer (who wears a suit to work)shopping at Woolies in his short shorts quite often and gets all uncomfortable and tongue tied.

I actually am good friends with my roll call teacher/ science teacher from high school. He's known me since I was 11....I had dinner with his last Friday night. I still can't call him by his first name...some how it seems to awkward.

grungedandy said...

Ha Ha (like in the Simpsons)

It worst than that, my work college, don’t think of me as an Artist (I work in accounts for my sins) & the people in my craft classes can’t imagine me doing Accounts!

I bet they think that when they leave, you go & sleep in the stationery cupboard! LOL


Noelle said...

I remember being shocked that my teachers had first names. And horrified when my mother called them by their first names.

Julie said...

oooh. Ouch!

I love little kids.
When they're in Australia and far away from me.

Marianne said...

The first time I saw one of my teachers having a beer? O-My-Gah! It was crazy. It did, however, prepare me for drinking with them during grad school.

elise said...

Brie, why did they have their KIDS in the Victoria's Secret?? I'm still traumatized!

Brie said...

I wish I knew!!!

angela said...

That's so cute! Good thing they haven't found out about all your Internet friends, or that would really blow their little minds.

Jitta said...

don't feel bad. i was working phone lines here at work once and somebody angry yelled and asked if i had a boyfriend. i said no. and he said, "it's no wonder!" and then hung up.

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