Resistance is Futile.

When you're trying to lose weight, simple things seem to require a lot more thinking than usual. You start to plan ahead when it comes to food choices, you have to think about your options when you have a day out and you experience good and bad feelings based on what you eventually decide to put in your mouth.

To sum it up? You have food on the brain. Always. In great detail. Mmm. Food.

It's one thing to change your lifestyle in day to day terms. But being on a diet while you're working with primary school kids? It's just plain torture.

Growing up, I remember having a sandwich, some sort of muesli bar, fruit and bottled cordial in my lunchbox. Ha! You should see some of the things these kidlets have in their lunchboxes! They have several different kinds of lollies, chocolates and cake bars. I've even seen cans of soft drink brought to school! Don't even get me started on the canteen. They have a whole lot of healthy options, but the favourites are still the meat pies, the hot dogs, the hash browns and the chicken nuggets. How's a well-rounded teacher supposed to stay healthy with all of these kids ordering sweet-smelling (and highly fattening) lunch orders?

I'm being good. I'm eating my packed lunch of fruit, yoghurt and a sandwich . . . But damned if I haven't been craving a hot dog all day long.

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netballwanabeefromkc said...

you big wally, you should be working like i am doing my assessment stuff you know what i am talkign about.
make sure you send me your notes for netball tomorrow so i can be a sydney swifts wannabee. you know what i want. i want jeorge just kidding.

Katie said...

That's the worst thing about dieting - food is all you can think about and temptation seems so much worse because you know you're "not allowed" to eat it. In some ways, that's why I hate "diets" - even if I'm on one, I don't tell myself that - I just think of it as "eating healthy" so instead of thinking about all the food I CAN'T eat, I think about the stuff I CAN. Positivity! ;)

I know what you mean about the lunches - it's crazy these days. I'd go to school with a vegemite sandwich and an apple. Nowadays there's fried food, softdrink, lollies, pies ... it's sooo bad. :(

Nathan Pralle said...

Kids are absolutely getting the worst foods so early on...and and America tends to have the worst rep for it, but clearly the kids in Oz are lacking some healthier options.

Although, that being said, there's been some bigger pushes lately to get kids eating better. All of our schools provide lunches for the kids, so there's been some pretty big pushes to get them to serve only good options, take out the pop machines and replace them with water and juice ones, and so forth. Some places do it, some don't, it all depends. I don't know how successful (if at all) they are in doing so.

I do know that my kid's going to eat better, but I'm sure at some point it'll get some crap occasionally, too.

I know what you mean about trying to eat better and then all you see is the other stuff. NOBODY brings healthy crap to work to snack on, it's all bad, so if you have a craving in the middle of the day, you're screwed. And at night, when I think of a snack, sometimes I really just want something bad. I could SO polish off a Milky Bar about right now, but I'm sadly out of Aussie chocs. :(

Good luck...sounds like you're struggling, but managing!

E :) said...

Cans of coke in the lunchbox? That is terrible.

Have you seen that Jamie Oliver series where he tries to change how school canteens operate in England and attempts to make them healthy? You should see it. Amazing.

Kelly said...

Amen, fellow hungry sister. I am STARVING right now.
Looking forward to going home in oh, 7 minutes. AND EATING!

kirby said...

I feel lied to. I was always lead to believe that hot dogs were low in fat?
......I feel so dirty now...

Denise said...

I feel like the hot dog thing may be my fault... between LJ and Facebook, I've subconsciously planted the wonder of Coney Island/Nathan's Hot Dogs in your brain!


Denise said...

Oh, and PS: you deserve a splurge every once in awhile! Your body needs fat, believe it or not, just not a lot of it. If you're really, really craving that hot dog but don't want to face the guilt, try eating only half (cut it length-wise down the middle, not directly IN the middle; it's easier to convince yourself this way that you're eating the whole thing.)

Sarah / MMDesigns said...

Ugh! Don't even get me started on the perfectly horrible and sugar-stuffed lunches I saw when I worked in a primary school! The best one was a student's mother delivering MCDONALD'S to the classroom! Serioulsy.

Just keep thinking of the yummy retro lunches! I'm a sucker for bottled coridal - yum!

Noelle said...

I think about food all the time. Except when I'm thinking about sleeping.

When I was a kid, I ate so badly with the cupcakes and the lemonade and the cold cuts on white bread. I think it's part of the reason I've never been thin. It was just trained into my physiology. If I ever have kids, they're only eating celery.

Operation Pink Herring said...

My coworker gets take out chinese for lunch EVERY DAY. And I sit here, drooling over the smell. Not only would I be obese if I followed her lead, I'd be broke too. Can't wait to have my canned soup for lunch today. Super.

Sarah said...

1. I am sooooo wanting a hot dog Right NOW.
2. What is a bottled coridal? It's sounds sooooooo good.
3. Why did I just check the internet and find out that my "lowfat" muffin has 400 (!!!!) calories? WHY, OH WHY?!?!?!?!

Laurel said...

Can you get turkey hot dogs over there? They are actually totally diet food!

Chiada said...

I know what you mean. I've been trying to eat heathly for the past 8 months, and to avoid burgers, fries, and soda. But when my coworkers come into the office holding drink cups from In 'n Out, man, it really makes me crave a burger.

Well, if I just try to ignore it and drink some water or snack on something healthy, eventually I'll forget about it. But, I know, it is hard in the meantime!

Natalie said...

it blows my mind what parents will feed their children. It's one thing when you are an adult and choose to eat crap, but when you willingly give it to your child... I mean on special occasions is one thing, but daily lunches at school?

Leslie said...

I feel you on the hot dog woman. Near here in Virginia there is a famous (infamous?) greasy restaurant called "Pop's Diner". I would absolutely KILL for one of Pop's foot long hot dogs with cheese and the works right about now. And I'm not supposed to eat them because of the nitrates which can cause a migraine attack. So of course I want one even worse!
Bottled cordial.....hmmm....gonna have to look that one up. It sounds like alcohol!

minijonb said...

Go ahead, have the hot dog!

Do you have Chicago Dogs in your neck of the woods?

It's a salad on a hot dog.

It's awesome... seriously.

Kris said...

hey hey hey! I hear you LOUD and clear.
Its a pain in the .......when my skinny friends dont even need to think when they look at the menu...grr
Hows it goin for ya?

enny said...

I hated school - we always only had a apricot muselie bar for little lunch, and either vegemite or potato sandwiches for big lunch(on giant homemade bread for a few years!) and all my friends had chips and chocolates...!

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