Ten Things on a Lazy Sunday.

E. over at Talking Budgie tagged me a few days ago to complete a bit of a challenge. Since I've had a fairly busy weekend (for me, anyway) what with heading to the movies, going for a night out dancing & people watching, and attending a Sydney vs. Melbourne netball grand final match, I figure this is the perfect opportunity to get meme-ing. And rest. Rest is good.

Let's get on with it - the "Ten Things I Like About Myself" meme challenge.

  1. I can laugh at myself; I have completely stupid blonde moments, I'm slightly gullible and I'll fall for basically any practical joke you can pull out. But I can laugh about it. And that makes it all okay.

  2. I like my teeth; they've done me well over the years, minor cavities aside. I actually don't mind my smile, on the odd occasion that I snap a decent picture.

  3. I'm a pretty good goal-setter; I might have setbacks along the way, but I can say that I've stuck to most goals that I've set for myself. Or am at least working towards achieving them.

  4. I'm a good listener; I can make time for other people. In fact, I like to make time for other people. I might not have any answers, but I think I can say that I'm a fairly stable shoulder to lean on. I'd like to think so anyway.

  5. I'm not a trend-setter; I've never been a trend-setter. I will most likely never be a trend-setter. And that's fine by me.

  6. I'm a little knowledgeable at a few little things; I'm getting better with practical stuff, I have a good memory for remembering how to do things. (Unless it has anything to do with cleaning. Then I'm forgetful.)

  7. I'm learning to be more patient; I used to be so focused on the future that I stopped thinking about the present. I admit, I still fantasize about jumping forward five years and imagining what life will be like, but I'm also comfy with where I am right now.

  8. I'm 'growing up'; from organising plane tickets, to saving money, to setting up international interviews, I just feel more in control.

  9. I like my hair; when it behaves, that is.

  10. I'm coping on my own; I miss Jason like you wouldn't believe, but I'm still alive and kicking. And having fun, for the most part. I will be alright. I am alright.

If you're interested in a way to feel good about yourself, consider stealing this meme. It made me think, that's for sure. Thanks, E.:)

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Lara said...

yay for loving yourself! i've really enjoyed seeing folks around the blogosphere joining in with this meme. :)

Jen said...

I would steal it, but rather than feeling good about myself, I'm terrified I wouldn't be able to think of anything and would be a crying mess over how worthless I am. Le sigh.

alana said...


Snoskred said...

Hey, did something happen to your feed? The last post I had in google reader was July 5?

I'll unsub from that one and resub.

Darn I have missed you, I thought you'd just gone quiet! :)


Snoskred said...

FYI the one I had was -
alyndabear dot com/feed/ and the new one has rss2 on the end? Evil wordpress!

E :) said...

Awesome! Thanks for playing :)

Sassy Belle said...

Aww! I love you too, Aly! Let me count the ways...

1. You gave me the word "Chook".
2. You love shoes as much as I do.
3. You always listen to my problems.
4. You are obsessed with your bunnies and it's cute.
5. You're an elementary school teacher. Who doesn't love that?
6. You have perfectly lovely hair!

Oh I could go on and on but unfortunately, I have to go to bed! The point is, I love you a lot!

Britt said...

I like your hair, too!

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