You and Me: The Bride Who Fell On Her Butt

Please tell me I'm not the only one who used to imagine all of the wedding day mishaps that could potentially go down on their wedding day? Falling down while walking up the aisle. Having a dress related mishap. Falling into a random pool, aka this couple. You name it, I'd thought of it. I even had the crazy wedding nightmares going!
Well, before I say anything else, I think it's appropriate I start this post off with a lovely memento I have from our wedding day. What do you reckon: blow it up on a canvas?

Oh yes. THAT happened.

(Special mentions to a) my boobs practically exploding out of my dress, and b) my brand new husband who thought this was the most hilarious thing he had ever seen.)
So... you want to know how I ended up down on the floor in a puff of ivory lace?
Right, let's rewind a little bit. We'd just walked into the reception room, our music was playing & we each walked our own separate way around the bridal table to our seats right in the middle. Everyone cheered and clinked their glasses, and the MC invited us to take a seat. All went well. We sat down. We looked like this.

I'd sat down with Jase and was checking out our lumie table numbers as well as the floral arrangements around the room - it was the first time I'd seen it all come together, after all! The rest of the bridal party had sat down too, and everything looked calm. It was then that I looked up and saw my mum gesturing wildly from the side of the bridal table - I stood up to see what she was talking about, realised it was that two bridesmaids were sat in the wrong order, didn't care about it, and promptly sat back down.... except, my chair wasn't there any more.
I let out a WOO! shriek, banged my butt on the side of the chair, and ended up sitting on the floor of the venue in my wedding gown... absolutely mortified. Helpful note to venues everywhere: don't team your chiavari chairs up with new spongy carpet - they will fall down. ALL THE TIME. (It wasn't just me: we had a lot of guests have chair issues over the evening - not good.)
The funniest thing of all though? Other than my bridal party and a few concerned wait staff, nobody saw me fall. Seriously. I remember sitting back in my chair afterwards, red in the face and completely positive that I'd ruined the wedding - that the reception would be remembered as the one with the bride who fell on her butt. Lucky for me, apart from the trusty photographer who just happened to be hovering by & thought it was hilarious (though he did ask my permission before he snapped the shot, good man) everybody else was too busy settling themselves into their own tables - I managed to plan my fall at the one moment that most of our guests' eyes were NOT on the bridal table!
So what's the moral to this little story? It doesn't matter how much you prepare for your wedding day, there's a pretty good chance that something random will happen. My best advice for brides-to-be out there is to just laugh it off. Smile, wave, check your boobage is in order, and then take a moment to celebrate the occasion. It may not be the most typical of wedding photos, but it's certainly one of the highlights of our evening.
Did you have anything unexpected happen during your celebrations? Do tell!
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.
Our wedding rehearsal went by in a flash.
We finished off our last minute projects at home.
I had some girly time the day before the wedding.
I checked into the bridal suite and spent the evening alone.
A prank call woke me up... to my wedding day!
The girls had their hair and make-up done.
The boys relaxed and took it easy playing pool.
It was finally my turn to get beautified!
I put my dress on & became a bride.
My bridesmaids and I rush, rush, rushed to the church & arrived early!
The wedding began with a processional...
Our guests waved us out of the church with our home-made ribbon wands.
We took some bridal snapshots in the wind and rain.
I took a few moments with my new husband, just he & I.
Our bridal party posed with us as the daylight began to fade.
We relaxed in the bridal suite.. and I got sewn into my wedding dress!
All of our wedding details came together beautifully.
The Jaguar bridal party made their way into our reception...

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Karen said...

Hahah that picture is so funny! And go Aly, for having such a good sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

I went to a wedding recently where the bride fell 3 times while signing the papers. Turned out the chair had a broken leg that no one had noticed


Kira said...

Omg! At least your handled yourself gracefully. Of all the things you thought could go wrong, lol...

Fuzzy Cert said...

J's face in that photo is priceless. I'm not sure I've ever seen him laugh that hard at ANYTHING.

Bless your cotton socks. You were horrified, but you handled yourself well ;)

Anonymous said...

As wedding mishaps go, that's not too bad! My friend had the registrar call her the wrong name, then because of all the netting under her dress, she got stuck in the toilet.

And you can laugh about it now and for years and years to come :D

terra said...

And now you have an awesome and hilarious story to tell about your reception. Just think about some time in the future, planning your daughter's wedding and then you can share this awesome story with her to chill her nerves. I love it!

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