You and Me: We're All In This Together

Ah, our bridal party. Our super, easygoing, hilarious bridal party. They endured the rain, the wind, the freezing cold weather, and did it all with a smile on their faces. Both Jase and myself had our share of disappointments in the early days of wedding planning, with 'friends' letting us down. The final six that we had were the real deal. We are so, so lucky to have had them standing by our side on our wedding day.

I was excited about the reception venue that we'd booked. It was a gorgeous building, an old heritage one with plenty of photo locations - or at least, that's what I'd thought. Without going into too much detail for the moment, we eventually managed to find a few places where Andrew and Sarah and our videographer, Amy, could grab some group shots.
It was still raining quite heavily, so pictures in the grounds were out - but we ended up having some group shots taken under cover of the balcony.
I can't get over how amazing the bridal party looked when they all came together. The floor length dresses hung so beautifully, matched perfectly with the flowers and looked beautiful next to the boys and their black suits with grey ties. And, without meaning to, they fit the wet and rainy day pretty well!
All too quickly the light was fading - one of the perils of a winter wedding. Our photographers grabbed these snapshots of the girls & the guys before the sun went down completely. I love the expressions - they go from serious and posed, to laughing and relaxed. My favourite kind of photo!
All portraits done, we headed inside the venue to 'relax' before the reception.
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.

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Emilie said...

I love the photos under the balcony. It looks like it's out of a magazine - you did a really great job with the colors. I think the rain and clouds really made the colors pop even more!

Margaret said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your wonderful wedding. These photos are stunning and you will love looking back on them in the years to come. I celebrate my 15th anniversary this year and each year we take the album out and have a look through. Great memory making. x

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