You and Me: Cake & Champers

After we snuck outside for a few couple portraits, it was time to get the last formalities out of the way. We were ready to hack into our cake!
There is nothing funnier than the audience you have while cutting into the wedding cake. We were facing an entire wall of cameras, all ready to witness the slicing and dicing.
Because the majority of our cake was fake, we had to look carefully for the tiny fondant 'cut' tab - real cake had been placed in that spot, so our guests would have the illusion of the cake being whole. Despite the cutting hint, I was still really nervous that we'd slice into foam in front of that wall of cameras - awkward!
Thankfully... it worked! There was cake inside! Crisis averted.
Now here's another stupid bride-brain moment that happened on our wedding day... after we chopped into our cake slice? We took a few pictures together, and moved on to having a champagne toast - but we never actually had any bites of wedding cake together. That means no dainty cake eating shots and certainly no cake smooshing either. Sad face. Speaking of those champagne toasts...
Oh sure, it LOOKS easy.. but the twisty arm-linking thingy is harder to do than it looks!
Now, I've hinted before that I am the queen of pulling obnoxious faces - so it would only be fitting for me to share a visual from our wedding videography trailer, right?
Face pulling & nervous laughter - yep, that sounds about right!
Guest Photograph
And when we finally managed to have a sip of champagne each, it was followed by camera flashes, giggles & smooches. Perfection!
Guest Photograph
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.
Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.
Our wedding rehearsal went by in a flash.
We finished off our last minute projects at home.
I had some girly time the day before the wedding.
I checked into the bridal suite and spent the evening alone.
A prank call woke me up... to my wedding day!
The girls had their hair and make-up done.
The boys relaxed and took it easy playing pool.
It was finally my turn to get beautified!
I put my dress on & became a bride.
My bridesmaids and I rush, rush, rushed to the church & arrived early!
The wedding began with a processional...
Our guests waved us out of the church with our home-made ribbon wands.
We took some bridal snapshots in the wind and rain.
I took a few moments with my new husband, just he & I.
Our bridal party posed with us as the daylight began to fade.
We relaxed in the bridal suite.. and I got sewn into my wedding dress!
All of our wedding details came together beautifully.
The Jaguar bridal party made their way into our reception...
And on the way there, I took a tumble & landed on my butt!
We were spoiled with gorgeous speeches from our loved ones.
Mr. Jaguar & I snuck out to take some evening portraits.

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Amanda said...

Adorable! You know what? I don't think ANY of your faces are obnoxious, I think it's all lovely and you look incredibly cute. Glad the fake cake cutting worked out for you, I think it's such a clever idea!

audrey said...

Seriously, that twisty arm champagne drinking is hard! Tim and I had such a hard time of it at our wedding, too.

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