You and Me: My Love

This post deserves words, lots of words.

It's so easy to get caught up in the details of wedding planning. The ideas, the guests, the finances, the colours, the dress! But during our day, I couldn't get over how much in love I was with Jase - I spent 99% of the day clutching his hand and very, very rarely let go. Being married felt different, felt secure, felt whole, as silly as it sounds.

But instead of providing the words it deserves, since I could never accurately summarise how I felt on the day (and still feel, now) I'll stick with pictures.

All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

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heidikins said...

I love this so much. Still so happy for you both!!


Becky said...

Aly this post is beautiful, and not just because the pictures are gorgeous!

I 100% agree with you about how being married feels different - even when you think it won't. Congratulations again - you two look so happy!

Britt said...


terra said...

You two are both just too cute. Seriously. How much you love is so evident in these photos and I'm just so happy for you guys!

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