You and Me: Dance, Dance

I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't worried about people having a good time at our wedding. We had an eclectic mix of young and old guests, some I knew well and some I didn't. How was I to choose the right kind of party music to get people dancing?

The best advice I can give you is to be random. We had classic jazz followed by top 40 followed by rock and roll followed by the occasional ballad. Sometimes people danced, sometimes they didn't, but the floor was hardly ever empty. And there was shuffling. Oh yes, we Party Rocked it up, my friends. (Although I'm pretty sure we were all doing the running man rather than the shuffle.

There was random jigging.

There was general merriment.

There were group numbers.

And then there were the surprise moments, like my friend C, who stole the show when 'Billie Jean' came on and she whipped out all the dance moves. Someone even obtained a hat, perfect for her routine.

But for the most part, there was just plain FUN!
Feel like a sneak peek at our dancers? Well, alright then!
All photographs bythe team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.
Our wedding rehearsal went by in a flash.
We finished off our last minute projects at home.
I had some girly time the day before the wedding.
I checked into the bridal suite and spent the evening alone.
A prank call woke me up... to my wedding day!
The girls had their hair and make-up done.
The boys relaxed and took it easy playing pool.
It was finally my turn to get beautified!
I put my dress on & became a bride.
My bridesmaids and I rush, rush, rushed to the church & arrived early!
The wedding began with a processional...
Our guests waved us out of the church with our home-made ribbon wands.
We took some bridal snapshots in the wind and rain.
I took a few moments with my new husband, just he & I.
Our bridal party posed with us as the daylight began to fade.
We relaxed in the bridal suite.. and I got sewn into my wedding dress!
All of our wedding details came together beautifully.
The Jaguar bridal party made their way into our reception...
And on the way there, I took a tumble & landed on my butt!
We were spoiled with gorgeous speeches from our loved ones.
Mr. Jaguar & I snuck out to take some evening portraits.
We got tangled up in champagne toasts & cut our lovely cake.
Our first dance, to 'You and Me', was a bumbling success.
We got our slow dance on & opened the floor with a little jazz.

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Angela said...

Looks really fun!

Fuzzy Cert said...

I think the worst photos from me come not from my 'beautiful' speech, but from the dancing.
I am one unco mothereffer.

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