You and Me: Getting Our Reception On

By now, our guests had been mingling in the foyer for about a half hour. While we prepared ourselves for our reception entrance, our friends and family members began making their way into the function room and finding their tables. The central focus as they walked inside was to be the cake - the cake I'd been lusting after for months and months of planning.

Unfortunately, the venue let us down with the cake itself (which I'll go into later, promise) - but it was still a nice enough entry point all the same. Our guests were seated and our MC began making introductions; though the following picture sort of looks like he's telling someone in the naughty corner to sit down and shut it!

I spent ages deciding what sort of music I wanted everyone to walk in the room to - it's one of my favourite highlights at other weddings, I love clapping along. I've seen everything from super slow entry songs, to novelty songs like 'I'm Too Sexy' or 'Baby's Got Back': both of which were used at the last weddings Jase and I attended! I couldn't decide on one song for everyone, so ended up compromising by picking three favourites. I let the DJ know well in advance what timing I wanted the songs played from (mainly from the chorus, but some were instrumental bits) & just left the rest in his hot little hands. Feel free to click & play along if you want a little background music!

First into the room were both sets of our parents. As they received their introductions, I waited impatiently in line with Jase & the bridesmaids, bopping around nervously to the music. Song choice: Open Your Eyes, Snow Patrol.

Next up were our bridal party members. Song Choice: Use Somebody, Kings of Leon.

And then, it was just us! I picked a personal favourite song of ours for this entrance, one that I've loved for years and years now. Song choice: Look After You, The Fray.

We made our way to our bridal table which was set up and waiting for us, while our guests gave us a lovely round of applause. Mr. and MRS! Huzzah!

The hard part was over - we'd managed to get to our seats without anyone falling, any cakes topping over, any major mishaps... or so we'd thought!
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.
Our wedding rehearsal went by in a flash.

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Fuzzy Cert said...

HAHAHA I know what's coming. Tee Hee.. I could've been a wedding insider!! OMG. Could you imagine!!??

Emilie said...

I love all three of those songs :)

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