Beware: Computer Virus!

It seemed like just your average cold. A run of the mill flu that settled itself down into my chest and caused a wee bit of a havoc for a couple of days there. The medicines helped, I got better, I bragged about it, as you do. And then it came back, and we're right back to square one. Visit number two to the doctors surgery from hell; one hour and one batch of stronger antibiotics later, and I'm right back where I started. Must be Thursday-itis.

Kirby has been sick through all this with me. Jen was starting to feel sick last time I talked to her. And this morning? Lala AND Mick were both on Messenger; both feeling under the weather, one with pharyngitis and the other with a buggered foot. Yipes. Poor loves.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm spreading contagious (and non-contagious) diseases through this here blog. Feeling less than average? Random illness got you down? You've come to the right place. Just blame me!

My advice? Start backing away slowly from the computer and start running for the hills. I'm also considering providing complimentary medicinal masks for my dear readers. It's all about the contagions, y'know.

Bet you are surprised that I can still go on and on about a bloody cold, eh? What, this is about the fifth entry on being sick? Sixth? Now that, THAT is blogging talent. Admit it, you're jealous.

(And as for you guys, you WONDERFUL guys who left fantastic obscene comments in my last post, I love you. No really, I love you. And that's the 'effin truth!)

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janet said...

who knew that reading blogs was a health hazard?!? I better run, fast.

LaLa said...

Fucking fucked illnesses.

And I got to do "Lady" things at the Doctors too.

kirby said...

oooo what did they put you on this time!! lets compare again... I am on ... Curam...which sounds odd and they're hard to swallow.. but shmeh

nancypearlwannabe said...

It was YOU that got me sick, wasn't it?!

Hope you're feeling better.

Margaret said...

And of course as soon as I finish reading I start coughing *cough, cough*. Thanks Aly.

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