They still call Australia home.

Perhaps the following anecdote won't be as funny to my international viewers who don't know much about Australian geography, but geez, it cracked me up in class today! (Thank goodness for that, because not much else about today was funny; the kids were off the planet and my throat, gack, the soreness!)

Let me give you a quick history of the lesson first;

We were revising the states and territories of Australia (a gold star goes to any non-Aussie who can name them all WITHOUT consulting the Googlemonster) and with the help of a map, my kidlets had named just about all of them. All that we were missing was Australia's capital city. (Another gold star opportunity, folks, what is it?)

Me: Have a think about some towns you know, that might help you.
Kidlet #1: Sydney?
Me: No, it IS a capital city, but for New South Wales. Good try, though.
Kidlet #2: [insert name of school area here]?
Me: Hrm, not quite. This place is where our government buildings are, there are lots of politicians there. It starts with a C.
Kidlet #3: Coffs Harbour?
Kidlet #4: Canley Vale?
Kidlet #5: Oh! Oh! I know!
Me: Yes? (Holding my breath.)
Kidlet #5: CABRAMATTA!

The answer is, in fact, Canberra. And sadly, when I informed them of this, there were a lot of nonplussed faces. I think know I have a lot of work to do this year!

So apparently Aussies, our newest Capital city is Cabramatta, in Sydney's south-west. Perhaps I had better send parliament a nice note informing them of the change?

NB: Mick, I was going to tell them the capital city starting with C had lots of roundabouts and a crap football team, but I decided against it.

NB (again): I am going to give ANOTHER gold star to anyone who can diagnose my stupid ongoing illness -- I feel a bit better flu-wise, but I'm congested, still have the worst pain in my neck glands, my tongue feels swollen and sore and I sound like a man. I also can't raise my voice much. Help! I'm a teacher! Must recover!

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Lady M said...

I may not know a lot of Australian geography, but I do recognize the title of your post. I got to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway in "The Boy from Oz," Peter Allen's story. He was terrific!

kirby said...

I can't help... we have a superbug.. today is the 18th day in a row that I have been ill. That's counting the dreaded sinus attack I had at your house the sunday before we both got sick... GAH! I miss that fresh feeling.

If cabramatta is the new capitol, does that mean they're legalising marijuana...?

lara said...

i would just like to say that i did, in fact, know the capital of australia. so there! :-P

Mick said...

Ahhh Canberra. It's international profile (and apparently it's kidlet profile) is severely lacking.

Maybe we don't have enough car, flower or heavy metal festivals here.

Maybe we should just revert to Sydney and be done with it.

But yes. Crap Football team(s if you count the Brumbies). No Basketball. No Football (either). But hey. We do have a good women's basketball team!

Tell the kidlets that one :)

angela said...

I'm feeling dumber by the minute.

Jenny said...

Damn. I am so Aussie-Illiterate.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I totally knew it was Canberra! Yeah, geography nerd.

nila said...

We've got the mystery illness going around too. Those are the worst kind. I hope you get your voice back, that can't make your job too much fun. A teacher with no voice, the kidlets will run all over you.

Lindsey said...

OH I SOOO new it was Canberra! No joke. I'm biased though...let me see if I can get the territories though...I won't look, promise!

Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria...SHIT, I used to know all of them...wait, i need to keep thinking...northern australia? UGH, I'm not going to cheat..I totally couldn't do it and I used to know them all. DAMN YOU!

lara said...

ooh! pretty new layout! and you joined bloggerchicks! yay you! :)

Ngaire said...

At least your kids were remotely right! Some of my year 7's had no idea!!!! Clearly they have missed out on having you as their primary school teacher!

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