Hello, New Readers!

As a pre-emptive post to tomorrow's Sunday Google-age hits, I've decided to create a more updated introduction to my blog. It seems like more and more people are dropping by (albeit very briefly) and I think it's only fair that they learn a little more about me while they're here. Onwards we go!

To the wonderfully good-looking person reading this message,

A hearty welcome to you! Whether you dropped in from a random Google search, or a link from another blog, or because you like to read mindless ramblings, it's lovely to have you.

So you're here, you're checking out the entry that linked you here OR the very first entry (both completely random in nature). Where do you go next? Do you quickly close the page, telling yourself that this blog isn't what you are looking for? Do you read back and give a few more pages a chance? Do you get distracted by the stack of other stalkeriffic blogs linked on the sidebar?

Let me recommend a good place to start: The age old 100 Things page. It contains, yes, 100 things about me - also completely random. See if there are some things there that interest you in a blogger. See if there are some things that are completely opposite to your tastes because you know, they say opposites attract.

Of course, there are lots of other posts out there too. You don't have to like what you read. Heck, there are some posts that I've made that even I cringe at when I back-track through the months. (No, they didn't make it to this list.)

I am, however, going to keep on blogging (daily too, because I am special like that) just because I can. And because the people that I've met on here are bloody fabulous. If you're up for making a new friend, I do hope you keep reading and send me a line every once a while. Make sure you pay my blogging friends a visit, before you go.

Sending you virtual hugs,


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lara said...

your new readers are lucky to have such a wonderful and welcoming hostess. :)

Tasmiya said...

Excellent work! And yes, I'm quite bloody fabulous - thanks for noticing :P

kirby said...

I always wondered about whether or not your kidlets ever threw up in class... it always seemed to happen in school, quite upsetting if you have a fear of it, as I do.
it's the one reason I decided to never be a teacher.

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