Where is your boy tonight?

... I hope he is a gentleman.

Maybe I should blame Fall Out Boy for my bizarre dream yesterday. I was snoring away in the early hours of the night when I was woken up by Ajay ringing my mobile phone - he was at their concert, knew my favourite song of theirs and rang to let me hear it, bless his cotton socks.

Which was all well and good, until I fell asleep again and started having the most bizarre dreams. Even more bizarre is the fact that I can actually remember them, since usually I have a bad habit of forgetting them.

Last night's dream involved me and two strangers; one male and one female. We were in the middle of a town (No idea where it was, never seen anything like it before) and we were searching for something. We were looking in gardens, shop windows, homes, searching for this "thing" and knowing it was there somewhere, just not able to find it. Eventually the lady disappeared and it was just me and the random male stranger. That was about as exciting as it got; searching, searching, but never finding what we were looking for. And then I woke up.

I wish I knew what it was I was searching for.. and why the others were also searching for the same thing. And where were we, anyway?

Surprisingly, the last two dreams I remember having in the past couple of weeks have involved complete strangers. And for the most part, I can remember all of them too.

In the first dream, I was a part of a tour group; I remember this because I had a suitcase and I was snapping pictures of everything. A person was telling us that this place (Also unfamiliar to me) was actually sinking, and that very soon the whole place would be under water. The next thing I remember was searching for my lost pair of Havaiana thongs, water rushing in everywhere and a random male stranger handing me my shoes back. I then remember giving him a hug; for some reason I felt like I knew this person, although I have no idea now who it was.

In the second dream, I was busy making icecream. (I told you I was partial to icecream!) Except this was no ordinary icecream, this was icecream made with vegetables. (This is how you KNOW it was a dream, there is no way would I willingly eat veggies in real life, I'm secretly four years old.) I was cutting them up in the school staff room (Finally! A place I know!) and then this random male stranger turned up and started helping me cut up more vegetables - to which I told him "Thanks, but I used to work in a fruit shop, you know!" and we continued companionably making vegetable icecream together until I woke up.

How do I come up with these dreams? Some are just so random, makes me wonder what I was thinking about as I fell asleep, or what my subconscious is trying to tell me. I do love dreaming, as strange as they are the next day. I love how they make perfect sense in the night, and absolutely none the next morning. I only wish I could figure them out.

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alana said...

Okay, I'm probably going to regret sharing this on the Internet, but I was literally just thinking about my bizarre dream last night and now you are talking about dreams and well...that's a sign that I should comment right?

While your vegetable ice cream dream was certainly strange, I had a dream that I had a fling with Nigel Barker, the hot photographer/judge on America's Next Top Model, behind my boyfriend's back. I'm not exactly sure where that came from or what it means, but I'm just going to chalk it up to watching too much tv. Hmm.

Laurel said...

You lost your Havaianas?? Sounds like a nightmare to me!

Candace said...

Man! I wish I could remember my dreams that well. I just about NEVER remember them :(

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