The one day of the week where it is good to live in a country with a speedy time zone.

I adore weekends.

I love the feeling that I get on Friday afternoon when I'm packing up my classroom for the weekend, and when I screech carefully pull out of the school parking lot and head for home.

I love that weekends are when I get to annoy see Jase.

I love that I refuse don't have to set the alarm.

I love having making spare time to relax and do nothing.

I love not having to look after anybody at all any kidlets.

Weekends are lovely.

But this weekend will hopefully be even lovelier than usual. I think I actually have plans this weekend. (!) Why am I sounding a wee bit excited? While I always love weekends, most of them are spent around the house, enjoying a bit of quiet time. I'm not a social butterfly, so it's a rarity when I'm actually busy. Not that I mind, but every once in a while it gets a wee bit lonely around here.

Tonight is my beautiful mum's birthday, so we're heading up to a club on the water where we will have some dinner, and watch her line dance. Should be good fun; I've been craving their grilled chicken dish since the last time I was there. (Not that I'm obsessing about food, or anything..)

Tomorrow night, I'm putting on a brave face and finally getting around to stalking meeting up with Lala and Mick too. Why brave? Because I'm terrified they're going to meet me in real life and think "What the hell were we thinking inviting her here? She's funny looking, and she smells" before pushing me down some stairs. Alright, maybe not, but you never know. Leave me alone, I'm a shy petal.

And on Sunday if all goes well, I'm hoping to catch up with Jess while she is in Sydney. Most of you won't know this, but Jess and I went to school together way back in 1996, and I lost touch with her after she switched schools. Being the super-stalker that I am, I'm hoping to grab a coffee with her and catch up. Fingers crossed! Oh, I also have to bake a cake or a slice or something on Sunday, since next week we're having a cake stall at school.

If all goes well, I'll have a gazillion things to blog about this weekend when I find the time. And if all doesn't go well? I'm sure I can dig out a couple of random things I've forgotten to blog about over the last few weeks. Or, make a picture blog of me cleaning out my sock drawer or something.

Happy Friday!

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lara said...

you're so lucky to get to hang out with other bloggers! i've yet to meet any bloggers (any i didn't already know, that is). i was so hoping to do so at blogher, but such is not to be this year. when you come to america for your vacation, we MUST meet. :)

alana said...

Sounds like fun! Have a good weekend :)

nancypearlwannabe said...

Have a good weekend! Try to study some spelling words for me. :)

heididkins said...

I Heart Friday's!! I am actually lucky enough to get this Friday off (yay!) and I am spending a blissful morning in my PJ's. Sigh... if that's not love I don't know what is! :)

I'm all sorts of excited to read about your fabulous weekend!! And Happy Birthday to your mum!

Laurel said...

More line dancing!!! My dream! :)

I am sure that when you come to the US or I go to Sydney, I will discover that you smell just like a flower.

angela said...

That sounds really fabulous. Have a great weekend!

angela said...

That sounds really fabulous. Have a great weekend!

angela said...

I meant to say that twice. I really mean it, you know.

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