A Somewhat Busy Saturday.

I'm feeling very accomplished today, and it's barely 2pm on Saturday. Love that feeling!

I enjoyed a leisurely sleep-in, until I was rudely awoken at around 10am by my brother sending me a text message - "What time are you guys voting today, and where?" Being the scatterbrain that I am, I completely forgot that today was the NSW State Election Day, so I hurriedly got up and dressed, waiting to go with Ajay when he got home from his girlfriend's place.

He didn't come home straight away though, meaning I got bored while waiting. My grandma is staying with us for her birthday this weekend, so I gave out her present, annoyed my dad for a while (love that!) and went for a treadmill walk. Somewhere in the middle of the father/daughter bantering session, I agreed to help him wash the dogs if he agreed to help me wash my car. Don't ask me how that worked out!

Dad washed Rusty (the weird, crazy dog) and I washed Max, we gave them a bit of a haircut and then moved on to my car. The weather here has been insane lately, crappy spells of rain followed by hot, hot days. Hence my car was absolutely filthy! Ajay arrived home at that time, so we co-erced him into helping me wash the car too. Looks very shiny now, I must say.

(I had to put up with lots of rolled eyes and snide comments though; I'm not very good at washing or drying or polishing cars! But it's a skill I'm happy to have lacked out on, maybe the boys will feel sorry for me and will wash my neglected baby more often!)

Now that I'm all showered and relaxed, I've pottered around, had a late breakfast and done some washing. I'm ready to vote, too. Really, both major "sides" of the election are as bad as each other; some days I wonder why we bother. Not one of them gives a damn about teachers, and that's probably my most selfish concern. They just ride around in their fancy cars and stuff the working public around. What a career, eh? Reckon I could do that..

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lara said...

sounds like a good day. i can't even remember the last time i washed my car. it's disgusting, actually. :-P

Teacher A said...

Wow, you guys get to vote on Saturdays? Lucky. Of course, I do an absentee ballot, so I can actually vote whenever I want, but our polling day is always a Tuesday, which is just the pinnacle of stupidity.

I once went for so long without washing my car that my sister washed it for me. It was awesome.

Jess said...

In my long term relationship with both my two prior cars, I never ONCE washed either of them. My last one actually had cobwebs all over it ... and ... I didn't care lol! Good on you for taking care of your car. Actually, I dont even think we're allowed to wash cars here, we're on extremely heavy water restrictions.

nila said...

While you've accomplished so much, I've been sitting at work. I'll be off at 6 am, and have so much to do while trying to squeeze in some sleep time. My kids want to watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Save me! Help me!

kirby said...

oh no! you washed your car and then it rained?!

I didn't actually vote. I did not recognise a single name on either ballot paper, and for a while contemplated making my own box and voting for barney from the purple dinosaur party or something, then just folded them up and shoved them in the boxes.

I should care more than I do.

Zandria said...

I know, right? That does sound like a pretty easy job. :) Good for you for voting, though!

angela said...

You are quite accomplished. What a busy day already!

Lindsey said...

I care about teachers! Vote for me!

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