We're All Hopeless!

Some days I have trouble saying what I want to say. No, I'm not being cryptic, I literally cannot spit the words out properly. Days when I start doing spoonerisms; when I muddle up words, make up new words, or put sentences together that don't make sense.

(I swear, I'm not that bad a teacher. I do manage to use correct grammar and words that exist on most days. Really!)

Today was one of the more muddled up days, though.

I asked mum whether she whipped up the chocolate mousse we're having for dessert in the winnebago. Er, winnebago meaning blender, of course. Two very easy words to mix up. (Snort.)

The kidlets and I have been reading lots of Dr Seuss, because they're wonderful for rhyming words and short sentences. Since they love the random stories so much, for handwriting  I've been choosing random pages of the book to write up. This afternoon I was marking away, and came across this gem;

"The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play.
So we sat in the hose, all that cold, cold, wet day."

Not amusing to some, but very to me. Hee. For some reason, I keep getting this visual image of little children huddled in a garden hose.

Mondays are a great day at work; I'm on class in the morning session but then get my 2 hours of RFF (relief from face to face teaching) in the middle session, and then a whole school assembly in the afternoon. While I'm on my break, the RFF teacher is doing a mini-unit on animals. Today they were doing a worksheet classifying animals by their features, how many legs does a crab have, a kangaroo have, a dog have, etc.

I happened to look over at one kidlet's work as I walked past his desk and he was very earnestly filling in his columns. 2 legs; Humans, Emu, 4 legs; Dogs, Cats, Over 4 legs; Crap. (Poor chook did mean to write crab, I'm sure of it.)

Bet you $10 that you didn't know that crap has over four legs. Guess you learn something new every day, eh?

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janet said...

I think I'd rather crawl up in a wet hose than go to work today! I'm jealous that your monday is already over and you're probably fast asleep, which is where I'd love to be.

lara said...

one day, my roommate and i were watching jeopardy, and the answer was napoleon bonaparte, so of course i said benedict arnold, because those two names sound so much alike. :-P

angela said...

I had to click your Winnebago link, because while I know that a Winnebago is an RV here in the U.S., I wasn't sure if Winnebago was really a type of blender for you Aussies. I'm always learning new words from you.

briliantdonkey said...

Oddly enough , if the poor chap grows up to tell his girlfriend he has the craps, while she may be scared, she won't be as scared as she should be.

Oddlier enough(is TO a word I just typed it!),,,,is this is what I have come up with to comment.


Lady M said...

*Snort!* Crap with more than 4 legs.

Zandria said...

Funny! I don't mix-up my words so much, but I do tend to stumble when I'm talking too fast. :)

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