Keeping it Short and Sweet.

Had a good day today;

  • A lovely member from my New Zealand Contiki put a whole batch of photos together (with music!) in a slide show VCD. So exciting! Must go back!

  • Managing not to get lost driving to and from a teaching course after school. (Thanks, Belinda!)

  • Still walked on the treadmill when I got home, even though I felt lazy. The Biggest Loser is motivating.

  • Received my black platform Havaianas from Ebay! Yay!

  • Going to bed and sleeping.. ahh.. sweet, sweet sleep.

Hoping your day was just as fabulous.

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Tasmiya said...

So so jealous about the sleep thing. One day my children will all be grown up. ONE DAY!


Julz* said...

black platform havaianas? .....interesting...I must see them! :D

Margaret said...

Ok. Well I'm glad that you're feeling better. I think I finally caught the cyber bug from you.

Laurel said...

Do you have your own Biggest Loser in Australia??

kirby said...

I vote next time NZ is a girly trip. Lets go.

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