A Diversion.


Bet you thought I was going to whine some more about being sick, didn't you?



I am not!

Instead, I shall talk about nothing. Nothing at all! Random nothings!

Like how I haven't changed my blog header since Christmas because I'm not feeling creative. Like how I have been selling off some of my old university textbooks on Ebay really cheaply.. Like how I bought the rest of the Buffy DVDs today, finishing off my collection. Like the pretty green top I bought earlier. Like the fact that our internet connection here at home sucks like you would not believe. Like how I had this really, really good dream last night involving some random person that I haven't stopped thinking about all day. Like how bizarrely fickle my foreign X-Files DVDs are and why they have mysteriously started working in my player. Like how I haven't been able to breathe properly for the last two nights and how I sound like a wheezy old man when I talk.

Damn it.

I just talked about being sick.

Whatever. I tried. Just shoot me.

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kirby said...

the coughing is stealing my voice... my voice actually resembles nails down a chalk board....brings tears to my eyes to think....*shudders*

how are you feeling today miss aly?

ally bean said...

Well, you almost succeeded in not talkiing about sickness. It was a valient effort on your part. lol, but sorry you don't feel well.

Margaret said...

You mentioned being sick at the beginning. You need to feel better soon so you can have your creativity back and change that header.

lara said...

no no, no shooting from me. glad to hear about the happy stuff, especially the pretty green top. :) pictures! pictures! we demand them!

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