Mine, All Mine!

And no.. I am not talking about dessert, although I am partial to cheesecake if you are offering. Or icecream with sprinkles.

No, in completely random and day-old news, as of yesterday I am officially the owner of A NEW CAR!!!

Are you confused? Didn't I just BUY a new car last year? A brand, spanking new one? (I just had to use the s-word, hee.)

Indeed I did!

But that was with some savings and the help of a whopping big loan. A rather hefty loan at that. The first loan I took out, actually.

And.. as of yesterday, that loan is paid. The pretty car is a big old asset now, which I am super proud of. Now, any savings that I make are going to go into a fund; for moving overseas to England AND for my American trip which I am determined to do next year.

Am royally chuffed. Perhaps I ought to buy another DVD set (or five) to celebrate! I am simply itching to travel again; anywhere and everywhere. Right now would be nice. Any takers?

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nancypearlwannabe said...

Woo hoo! We need pics!

Sassy Belle said...

yes. come to america. but don't do that silly tour! you should just hop from place to place on your own, staying with bloggers that you know!

Sassy Belle said...

and DUH, congrats on paying off the CAR!

Dave Evanns said...

I wish my car was paid off! I am jealous!

reformattingmybrain said...

Yeah on the new car! I've never owned and probably never will own a brand new car. I can't stand the thought of the hefty price tag, I hate car payments and I don't want to pay a high insurance rate. And my dad will work on my cars if I keep them older :-) hehe

Aimee said...

Yeah for a paid off car! The only "new" car I've had that was paid off was after it was stolen and the insurance paid for it. LOL

Yeah, come to America!! To California! My house! :)

Laurel said...

Congratulations! Come to the US, we like you here!

Zandria said...

Ooh, new car! Cool. :)

So what's this about saving up to move to England? Is this something that will definitely happen at some point, or just something you're thinking about?

Virginia Gal said...

So exciting to have the car in your own name versus the big bad loan company. Yay!

angela said...

You are such a responsible adult, paying off loans and all that. I'm sure it's a great feeling!

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