The head! It aches!

You know those days when you can feel a headache coming from almost the second you get up out of bed? That was today.

It hasn't been completely horrible, or one that needed pain killers. More like something that is just twinging on uncomfortable, that you notice every so often. Probably doesn't help that today I was followed around all day long by one of my kidlets complaining of being sick.

[Off on a tangent:] Oh parents out there, if your kid is legitimately sick, PLEASE keep them at home. They don't learn, they make learning hard for everyone else, they give their germs to us all and (most importantly) they give their teachers headaches!

[Something else I remember now:] My student teacher seemed really nice, she's in with us again from next
Monday until Thursday, the end of Term 2. But the headache! Ack!

The ache got more annoying while I stayed back after school waiting to do parent/teacher interviews. While we're on the topic, I suppose I should give a resounding (and slightly sarcastic) thankyou to those two parents who didn't bother showing up today. I do love staying back after work for absolutely no reason. I came home, pottered around a little and did my daily walk; but it was bothering me so I ended up turning
off the lights and walking in the dark.

Now that I'm thinking about it, what actually causes a headache? Which part of your head is the part that is hurting? Today, it's been a dull thudding from the inside, all over. (It is quite possibly my brain ricocheting from one side of my head to the other; it's ready for holidays too.) Is it really my brain hurting, though?

I'd google it myself, if it weren't for the -- you know -- headache.

Tonight, it's an early dinner and then watching DVDs in bed. Don't you wish you had my life? Try and hold that jealousy in, alright?

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Mick said...

Depends on the type of headache!

Could be a tension headache: Tension-type headache pain is often described as a constant pressure, as if the head were being squeezed in a vise

Wow...there's even a red-wine headache.

Wikipedia is wonderful -

Hope you feel better though!

Jess said...

I had a deathly headache today too Alynda, I think it was to do with the teenyboppers in my class having a spazzoid over the fact that gasp, shock horror anthony callea is gay and lak omgz whys all da hot onezz takenNNNN!!!!!!!111111one.

*rolls eyes*

i'm off to bed becuase not only has my headache progressed in to a migraine, but i do actually think my head may just explode.

LaLa said...

I usually have wine headaches.

From wine.

I have missed you! Sorry I missed you on messenger!

Have I mentioned how much I have missed you?

Saturday night, what do you think of drinks on our balcony to witness Earth Hour?

Laurel said...

Drink water!! That is my standby headache cure.

Wait, you have water in Australia, right? (Ba dum chhh...)

reformattingmybrain said...

Headaches are miserable! I have one right now that's killing my right eye along with my head. I used to wake up with headaches every single day because I clench and grind my teeth so bad at night. Went to the dentist and he fitted me with a NTI so I can't do that anymore. Mornings are so much better now. I'm such a morning person so I hated having every morning ruined by a headache.

nancypearlwannabe said...

The weather here has been so crazy it gives me headaches all the time. These are my potential cures: lots of water, more caffeine, exercise, Tylenol. If all else fails, DVDs in bed sound like a great alternative.

Aimee said...

Sounds like a nice evening. Take care of yourself. :)

heidikins said...

oh! I'm so sorry!! I've only had about 8 headaches in my life - so I can't really offer headache-ridding advice... but I do think a night in bed with a bunch of DVD's sounds marvelous... I may be trying it soon! :o) Hope you feel better!

lara said...

lame! i'm sorry you have a headache. :(

janet said...

I tend to get headaches when I haven't had enough water to drink. Or when I'm massively hungover, but I am guessing that isn't the case here.

angela said...

Feel better! I absolutely hate having headaches. I'm the biggest baby ever when I get a headache.

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