Sunday Google-age Round 5.

Every time I post my Sunday Google-age, I realise another week has gone by; at this rate, the year will be over soon.

What is Google-age?
You're reading it, pal! Since my visitors usually end up here through Google, it's just a silly little wordplay. It rolls off the tongue well, what can I say?

1,2,3, Eyes to Me!

Yes, I am guilty of using this one in the classroom before. Cue the lame groans and eye rolling - but it actually works.

Where is the lazy leprechaun, it's driving me nuts!

And to think, we're one weekend ahead of St Patrick's Day. I do hope you found your leprechaun in time for that. Missing leprechauns drive me nuts, too.

Auckland Zoo
Jase and I were going to visit Auckland Zoo when we were in, der, Auckland. But by then we'd gotten so sick of the city and travelling around, that we couldn't be bothered. Maybe next time?

Sisters Pashing

Another one of those searches that had me scratching my head; I can't recall every actually talking about sisters pashing on this blog?

Aly and Ajay Pictures
My name is Aly. My brother's name is Ajay. Imagine how surprised I was to find out that there is actually a band with the same name? And I thought my brother and I were just famous. But because I'm in a giving mood, I'll give you my very own Aly and Ajay pictures. With the ho hat! I promised pictures of that, once. You can thank me later.

A Place where there are Cars and Sunsets
I know where you can find this! A parking lot in the late afternoon!

Panadeine and Palpitations
I'm no Dr. Google but if you're having palpitations after taking Panadeine, I would probably stop. And see your real doctor.

I Dream of a Big Chest
Perhaps you should try some cleavage cupcakes?

Camel Penis Direction

I could be completely gross here, but I'll restrain myself. I've never actually been in close contact with a camel, nor its penis, so I have absolutely no clue which direction they go in?

Girl Spankers Phone Numbers
I can assure you that all the phone numbers I have in my mobile phone are NOT spankers. Can't help you there.

Primary School Lockdown

Follow the procedures and don't panic!

Forcing kids to go Barefoot

That sounds rather mean. I don't like the word 'force'.

What's wrong with being grouchy?

Absolutely nothing, if you ask me. [stomps off, grumbling.]

Negatives of New Scheme Teachers Accreditation
It's a CRAPLOAD of work, for one. Not everyone has to do it, which is hardly fair. And I finished my accreditation last year, and it still hasn't even been sent off to be approved yet. Getting cranky..

Something Kinda Woo!
Listening to old Fall Out Boy songs makes me go Woo! [end teenybopper moment.] Yeah, I don't know about this one either.

Beware of Curam
I'll admit, I had to search for this one tonight because I had no idea what it is? Apparently it's some kind of software? To which I respond, yes, beware. Computers are unpredictable little buggers. And they give you viruses. It's true!

Eboni's Sickness
I do hope Eboni feels better soon, even though I don't actually know who Eboni is. Poor dear.

I'm So Sorry, Love Monkey

That's okay, Snuggle Bear. That's okay.

Unsolved Bites
Sounds like you need your own private detective, to solve the mystery of the unsolved bites! I promise it wasn't me.

Uncontagious Glandular Fever
Isn't all glandular fever contagious? Stay away from me, please. I'm feeling much better lately.

River Cruise Blogs
I've been on a couple of river cruises, but sadly I don't have a whole blog writing about the experiences. Perhaps that could be my next project?

Old Cars
I used to drive one. My dad drives one. How about you?

Confessions of a Dork
I know I'm comfortable with it and all, but why does everyone have to keep on bringing it up? You're going to give me a complex.

Who Sings "Throw Some D's on That, Bitch"

Apparently, it's someone called Rich Boy.

Good Excuses for not taking a test

I don't have any good excuses handy, but I do have some darned funny
test response images that I was sent in an email the other day. What's
that? Of course I'll share! (You'll need to enlarge them!)

Contiki Sex / Having Sex on Contiki
It's not a requirement or anything. But I'm sure you could do it, if you tried hard enough.

Claudia Karvan Hairstyles

Bugger Claudia Karvan, I would like some explanations as to why my hair has not grown back AT FRIGGING ALL, in the three months since the hairdresser snipped it all off. Did she use mutated scissors or something? Shit! I might as well do a Britney.

Getting a Fringe
Yeah, don't talk to me about that either. I'm over hair.

Sexy Joggers
Because nothing screams sexy like running shoes.

Turning off the Lights
Sometimes I find I sleep better at night if I do this.

I've Been Waiting for this Moment
.. For all my life. That reminds me of a Roswell episode I watched just the other night. Maria singing in the Crashdown. I am a dork!

If you're looking for trouble, you're in the right place
That sounds a wee bit threatening. This is a happy place!

Contiki Party
There are lots of parties on Contiki. Which is why I can't wait to do my American tour(s)!

Rainbow Springs, NZ
A beautiful, beautiful place. I saw lots of pretty things there; like huge pools full of trout, wild birds and plants, a baby emu (which are Aussie!) and a robotic looking kiwi.

Ramblings of a Teacher

You've come to the right place!

Sucking my Teachers Toes

..Or maybe not.

Paying Excess if I am not the driver at fault
I feel your pain with this one, I really do. Insurance companies tend to try and suck the money out of you as best they can. Basically, you need proof to say that you were definitely not at fault, and with a little luck, you'll get out of the excess.

Playing Board Games
On this lazy Sunday, I'd love to find someone to play board games with. Any takers?

Paullina Simons - The Summer Garden

Not her best work, but I still adore Tatjana and Anthony.

Johnny Rzeznik Sims Character

What a sexy character that would be. If only I had the Sims 2.

I want Shoes, Bitches!

Me, too! Do you know how long it has been since I actually went and BOUGHT new shoes? Months!

Peeling Potatoes

Step 1: Get a potato or seven. Step 2: Get a potato peeler. Step 3: Peel potatoes. And there you have it.

Lick Nachey
I love that I am not the only one who completely muddled up his name. Nick Lachey, Lick Nachey - the latter sounds much better, don't you think?

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lara said...

man, has it really been months since you brought shoes? that's sad. it's only been a couple weeks for me. in fact, i noticed the other day that i have about 6 pairs of shoes i've still never worn yet. :-P

hooray for google-age!

Teacher A said...

I love those test responses!

velocibadgergirl said...

Those test answers are awesome.

In my sedimentation and stratigraphy class in college (sue me, I was a geology major), we often had to label little sketches of strat columns, indicating what certain parts of the column represented. On one quiz, there was a mark in the column that completely stumped me. I drew little music notes off to the side, and in answer to the question "What process is represented here?" wrote, "A party?" I didn't get credit, but my professor was at least amused.

kirby said...

THERE IS JOHNNY HAIR ON THE SIMS 2... i give the guys johnny hair because it makes them look smexy.

Caty said...

Hi there,I?m delurking and I thought it?s about time to confess that I absolutly love your blog and that I read it every!!! day.
Right now you?re my favorite person because you seem to love Roswell as much as I do. I?m not alone anymore!!=)
have a great sunday (oh wait its almost over in australia,right?!) well than have a great week!!

Lindsey said...

Sucking toes sure has become a definitely motif of this blog.

Horrible Warning said...

At least you're not getting a predominance of panty sniffing searches.

Oh wait, now you might...sorry!

heidikins said...

Lick Nachey? Lick Nakey.... ok, I'm stopping - but thank you for the happy Monday images! :o) (wink wink)

Eau'Flynn said...

"1,2,3 eyes on me!" I've use that too. My students reply "1,2 eyes on you!" So lame, I know.

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