This and That.

I have to say, today has been a really strange day.

The mysterious illness hasn't completely gone away, and I could barely eat or talk last night because it felt like I had razor blades in my throat. Ack! I booked an appointment at the medical centre near Jason's house this morning, and had a consultation with a doctor who had absolutely NO facial expressions the entire time I was there.

She asked lots of questions, informed me that my thoat was still inflamed, that my glands were both up, and that I possibly have glandular fever. (Which consequently has no real cure, aside from feeling like crap for several weeks, apparently.) She took a blood test, told me they would let my usual doctors surgery know if there was anything showing in it, and then told me go take a Panadol.

(Ha! I am kidding. She did not say this. She just kind of nodded at me and then I left. Not even a smile on the way out. Weird!)

I also found out today that Jason is planning on leaving me!

(I'm going to pause for extra dramatic effect.)

Okay, so not really. But he IS planning on going overseas earlier than what I intend to; his brother has already made the move from Sydney to London, and apparently the job prospects for IT companies early in the new year are slim. I've already decided I have no intention of going overseas this year, as I will be teaching until December. So instead of waiting for me, it seems that he is going to leave about four months earlier than I am able to. My goal will be to get there myself early next year.

Of course, this little revelation resulted in stunned silence, tears, as well as some crankiness on my part. Four months! It's a long time. And he is planning on making the move in around August, which means he would miss our five year anniversary in September. Boo. No present! (!) The move is not definite yet, just a goal.

But I also received some good news which makes me feel a lot better and finally, a lot more secure about where our relationship is headed - something I've been needing to hear about for several months now. Damned if I don't love the boy. Sigh.

So, this afternoon I am left feeling a little bit sick, a little bit sad and a little bit excited all in the same breath. There are lots of good things ahead and I'm in no need to rush them right now. In fact, I'd be happy with a fully-open throat airway over anything else.

(Fingers crossed I don't get any phone calls on Monday, and that I'm just a big whinger who has the remnants of a cold and nothing more.)

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Julz* said...

you scared me! I thought you were serious when you said jason was planning on leaving you :( but still, 4 months is a long time :( but I'm glad you got the good news though :)

lara said...

hmmm... me wants to know what the good news is! and i'm sorry for the four months, but four months will pass quicker than you think, hard though that may be to believe now. it's been four months since i was in the hospital, and there were times i didn't think i'd last more than a week. and i really hope your throat feels less razor-blade-y soon!

Belinda Howlett said...

areyou LEAVING the country in 2008???

GF makes sense - my friend went the same way!!!

Lady M said...

London for certain? Or perhaps the US? Hope you feel better soon.

janet said...

oh you are not giving us all the details!

I do hope you feel better soon though. Or I will come kick your doctor in the shins and make them fix you.

-R- said...

I hope you feel better soon. That sounds pretty awful.

angela said...

Well aren't you just a medley of emotions! And what's the news??? You can't just leave us hanging like that.

kirby said...

one of my customers asked me last week if I was sure I didn't have glandular fever... I told her that it would probably have been a darn tootin' obvious thing to pick up before the three lots of antibiotics, but now I'm thinking.. maybe not? Anyway. I've taken all my antibiotics now anyway - still not convinced they worked, so I'll see how I go for the next few days, and if you end up with GF, I'm going to the doctor again regardless... just to make sure.
I also want to know what the good news was.

Lindsey said...

hahahaha Panadol! I remember that stuff! I got really sick a couple of times in Australia, so it was REALLY awesome when they said, just take a panadol...riiiiight. Just like the US. In college if I went to the health care center, they'd always be like gargle salt water and take Ibuprofen. I could have had a broken arm and they would have said that. :-)

I was driving, listening to Kasey Chambers and getting all nostalgic over australia today!! Maybe I can visit you ;-)

Viviane said...

You make me curious what the good news is. Are you going to tell us??
Four months is long, but you've been together so long, I am sure you will be fine. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something. :)
I hope everything works out for you!!

Laurel said...

What is the good news???? You're killing us!!

I hope this sickness FINALLY leaves you ALONE.

B said...

Sorry I am just getting around to commenting. I feel your pain about your boy. At least mine is in the same state and not on a whole other continent. My advice get good long distance, talk as often as you can, if possible find a tv show or something you can watch at a similar time (I know this will be hard with the big time difference) CP and I watch "Dancing with the Stars" I'm just an email or blog away.

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