There will come a time in your life where you have spent so much time lying down feeling sick, napping, reading or watching DVD's, that you just have to get out there and do something different. Since actually having a life right now is on hold (a cookie for you should you guess why? pah!) for me, that meant venturing downstairs and channel surfing. After getting suckered into more Will & Grace re-runs, I was lucky enough to catch Bridezillas, 3 episodes at that!

Holy crap.

Are people really like this? Is that what weddings are all about?

I am pretty naive when it comes to weddings, I've only been a guest to two and been a bridesmaid in one; that's basically it. The wedding I was bridesmaid for was my cousin's a couple of years ago and it was a smallish affair. The closest she came to a meltdown was about the colour of her flowers (they weren't the RIGHT shade of purple) and the fact that her dress fit a wee bit tighter than she remembered, but that was because she was pregnant with bubby at the time!

Actually, I would love to go to some more weddings. I want to be a bridesmaid again! I want to organise parties and have my hair done and do pretty things to surprise my bride-friend. Damnit. I should start putting out requests. Sadly, noone I know is actually engaged right now. Boo!

Anyway, seeing these women on television paying $10,000 for a ring, $10,000 for a dress, $5000 for a cake, $35000 for a reception, it just blew me away. That's more than I earn in a year! How the heck do they do it? WHY do they do it? Yes, yes, the perfect wedding and all that, but surely you can have a beautiful wedding without going insane like that, right?

To be honest, I haven't thought much about me getting married. I always wanted to get married young, have kids young, but the fine details? Never really thought much about them. And I definitely didn't think about the insane costs that go along with it. But I do have some ideas about what my non-existant future imaginary wedding might look like; basic, traditional, relaxed. Hell, I'd be happy for any kind of ring at all, none of this diva crap. It all looks like so much work.

I guess for now I can be thankful that I have absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard, eh? One of the perks of having no wedding looming in the distance. (The girly girl in me is stomping around and throwing a tantrum about that, though. Hush, you.) So to all my hitched and not-hitched readers, what are your thoughts on weddings? Were YOU a Bridezilla.. or is it yet to happen?

And can I be your bridesmaid? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

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Belinda Howlett said...

i wish I took the money of my darling dad and went on a ROUND the world trip!!!!! LOW key is SOOO the way to go!!!!!

lara said...

weddings are not my favorite topic these days, so i'm going to decline to discuss. thanks.

angela said...

I was probably the furthest thing from a bridezilla as you could get. Because I am a designer, I was able to do all of my invites and all of the other design-y type things myself. And you can't turn all bridezilla on yourself! I had a general vision of what I wanted -- a modern casual reception in a downtown loft.

Then I just picked people that I trusted for the rest of the stuff -- like I used a florist that I sort of knew and knew had great style, and just told her to do whatever she thought looked good. She's the expert, after all. Same for the caterer, etc.

We had the most laid-back and fun reception because of this. I just showed up surprised and amazed at how it all came together because I didn't plan out every little detail. It's so generic to say this, but it was the best party I could have ever imagined. The best day of my whole life.

Viviane said...

I've never seen Bridezillas but I also always thought that while a huge expensive wedding might looks pretty in the pictures, I do not want to be stressed out on what is supposed to be the best day of my life. I'd much rather have a small laid back wedding that is perfect just because I am marrying the love of my life, not because I spent a year's wage on it. (Now I just have to find the right man, hahaha...)

Lindsey said...

I don't think I'll be a bridezilla, but I will probably be anal about certain aspects of my wedding because I can be like that sometimes. I like to plan things though, so it will probably be sort of fun, yet stressful at the same time. There is no way I would spend that much money though. It is also more than I make in a year!

LaLa said...

Should I ever find someone that wants to declare their love for me in front of our loved ones, it's not me I am worried about.

It's my Mum. She will be Mother-of-the-Bridezilla.

I am her only daughter and I have this feeling she will be out of control when it comes to me getting married.

Aimee said...

I'm with Lara. But, if and when it ever happens - will you fly to California and be in it? I'll pick pretty pretty dresses!! :D

janet said...

I liked watching that show when I was planning my wedding because it totally boosted my self confidence. Sometimes I started feeling a little crazy but I realized it could have been much, much worse.

kirby said...

i love that bridezilla show.. I'll watch that on saturday nights, then it's followed by 'who's wedding is it anyway'.. which is about the planners... (some of the weddings have budgets equalling more than my families combined wealth...)
I'm in the same boat. never thought about my wedding. never bothered to. still can't be arsed to. I think the only reason I even bother to think about weddings at all is the whole photography/event manager thing ...
but oh my god is it good to watch them bitch.
(I'll let you be a bridesmaid...)

Laura said...

I didn't have the luxury to be bridezilla. I married an American and had all that torture (immigration the the US from Canada which you would think would be pretty straight forward, NOT). I was having nightmares about all my hair and teeth falling out before I even crossed the border to get married. The only thing I had asked him to do was arrange the location (not a church as I'm Pagan but he ignored my wishes to please his family who never actually go to church) and I ordered corsages and such through him which were not ready until a day or so after the wedding. I came down there with my brother. My Dad came a few days later for the wedding, the rest of my family couldn't be there cause it was too much of a drive to be just a weekend away. That was kind of sad. His family mostly came which was nice except one of them had told the minister and the rest of them it wasn't a dress up occasion. But, I had bought a new dress and my brother and Dad came in their suits. Meanwhile the minister and my everyone else wore jeans and trackpants. The minister apologized. One nice thing was the snow we had. It was a December wedding and I was glad for the new fallen snow that day. It was a lot of snow for that area so I think someone was trying to make me feel better. As a final touch though, his Mother hardly waited for the ceremony to be over before she was asking us to drop her off at WalMart. My Dad took us out to an early dinner, but by then I was ready to dump his family, if not the groom himself. I was nice though and just didn't say anything. My brother and I talked together, laughing at the Americans, which did help me turn my mood around and enjoy the day again.

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