Sunday Google-age Round 4.

I find it a wee bit scary that I'm filling up an A4 piece of scrap paper with random searches in a short week now. Oh well; while the lurkers keep lurking, the google-age will continue.

Australian slang for 'grouchiness'
The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be cranky? Snarky? Stroppy? Mighty pissed off?

'Didly Squat' Aussie slang
One usually says didly squat to refer to nothing.
For example;
Q - Did your blog get any new visitors this week?
A - No, none, didly squat!

How do you cure a chest infection with mucus?
Stiffness under my armpit
Dental Blogs
Naprogesic and Migraines and the Pill
Diseases for Patients
When is a chest infection most contagious?
Teacher with a chest infection

This isn't even including the repeated chest infection questions. Oh
well, at least noone asked me for snotty pictures this week. Funny, I
still haven't recieved any payments from Doctor Google yet. Diseases
for patients is pretty ambiguous. Isn't there a journal with every
disease in it, or something? As for the teacher with a chest infection
- that was absolutely me! (Just a couple of weeks late.)

Haiku Ramblings
I think you're looking for this post. How about another?
Must go and work out
The weekend is almost gone
I am so lazy.

Reindeer Stalking
Isn't it a little late for reindeer stalking? Surely Santa has them all locked away in their stalls resting up for next Christmas. If you do want to try your hand at stalking some possessed electronical reindeer, I'll bet my neighbour still has his locked up in his garage. Come try your luck.

Happy Spanador Pups
Sigh. I still want my puppy so bad, but I have to wait a couple of years for it, I'm afraid. Aren't all puppies happy? Look after your Spanador, or I shall hunt you down.

Long Girly Puppy Names
How about.. ChristinaLinaBoBina? Is that long and girly enough for you? I only have boy puppy names picked out, no girl ones. Sorry!

Downloading Charmed

Tsk Tsk. Why don't you just go buy it instead? They are pretty boxsets. And not that expensive either. I know I have.

Teddy Geiger went to my Primary School
That's wonderful! Did he sing you pretty songs? Lucky.

Confucius for Kids
Confucius says.. Google searcher who followed this link, go to the wrong place for help.

Topless Ladies Sign
Sarah McLachlan's Boobs

Here we go again.. And personally, as boobalicious as Sarah's chest is, I really love her for her voice. That's the truth!

Women Squishing Bugs
That woman certainly isn't me. I had Jason running around with paper towel all Friday night chasing the cockroaches that were taking over my house. Blech. AWFUL.

Triangle Pattern Skin Blisters
I can't help you with blisters, but I did once get bitten by three mosquitos (or one hungry one?) that left bites in the shape of a triangle. It's a secret alien message, if you ask me.

Barefoot Jason Behr Pictures
I thought I'd help out here and find you one myself, but alas! There are no barefoot Jason Behr pictures on Google Images. Oh, the shame. Can I interest you in a shirtless picture from his Roswell days instead? Or if you're not interested I can just stare at it myself. No, really. I don't mind.

Brandon Boyd refused to sign my Dollar Shirt.
Whoa, like a real dollar shirt? Where you fold your dollar bill up into a t-shirt? You know, I had never heard of that before until I saw Angela's post about it. We can't really do that here in Australia, since our $1 comes in a coin. That's beside the point! How mean of Brandon! Were you trying to shove the t-shirt down his pants before you asked him to sign it? I would have been. Hmm. Maybe next time ask him to sign something different? Your chest, perhaps? That'll keep the topless searches coming back.

Perfect Wedding
Mother of the Bridezilla
Want to get Married
Totally uncomfortable Bridesmaid Shoes

From the look of these searches, you'd think this blog had gone wedding mad. Speaking of Bridezillas, I must remember that every Saturday afternoon on Arena there is a mini-marathon. Fantastic. Want to get married? Wait, is that a statement - or are you proposing? Squee! And most bridesmaid shoes are uncomfortable, aren't they? The one and only time I've ever been a bridesmaid, I wore flat ballet slippers. They were uncomfortable too, since I kept stepping on the hem of my dress.

Restless in my Head
I feel you, pal. I really do. I am feeling a wee bit restless myself.

Silly Faces and Super Bouncy Balls
I could be really crude and revolting here, but I'll restrain myself. Feel free to respond to this Google-ism in the comments. Hee.

I Look Like a Beached Whale
Perhaps we should start a support group, then.

Nutbush and Macarena Dances
Ha! The two dances I can proudly do, without falling over. Here's a random fact for the day; when I went to New Zealand, the Kiwis and Americans had no idea what the Nutbush was! (Gasp.)

When I want it, I should get it
I like this theory; so where is my puppy?

Forgive the Urgency, but Hurry up and Wait
Only one of my favourite song lyrics of all time. It's from a song called "Look After You" by the Fray. Brilliant!

I Went Fast
Did you? That's er, great.

Love your Shoes and Hat, Looks Great!
I'll gladly take the shoes compliment, but the hat? What hat? I only wear hats when I'm on playground duty, and they aren't anything special. Do you want something? Are you buttering me up? It'll never work.. alright, what is it?

Beware of the Computer Virus
This particular search was displayed in about six different ways, each asking about the computer virus. While I feel a lot better, I still think this blog is semi-contagious, so you have been warned.

Useful Chick Stuff
I'm betting you my entire boxset collection (!) that this search was done by someone with a penis? Hmm. Useful.. Oh, I know! When we chicks ask you what you're thinking, answer the damn question. And even if we say we don't want a present, ignore us and buy us one anyway. That's always useful. And we never just look fine.

Goth People who Stalk in the Night
This is officially now my favourite Google-ism of all. I don't even know what to say to this, other than to giggle like a schoolgirl and hope they don't come after me. Arrrgh!

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lara said...

i love reading these. :)

kirby said...

*laughs at super bouncy balls*
oh my

Mick said...

You get the randomest searches ever.

Al I get are lots of people looking for my Top 10 Celebrities post. Borrringggg

Very entertaining :)

angela said...

I am so very jealous. I have no really good search strings to show for myself. What's your secret?

Lady M said...

"Goth people" was definitely a good one.

I was lucky to be able to wear character shoes (comfortable dance heels) under the floor length bridesmaids gowns both times I was in a wedding party. No pinchy shoes!

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