And Then There Were None.

I gave away two of my babies this morning.

Yes, Sally and Katie have headed off to a brand new home with three (!) children to look after them and pester them and play with them constantly. (And clean their smelly cage.)

'Tis a sad morning for me, though. They did need a new home, I have all the other petlets to look after and truth be told, I just don't have time to give them the attention they need.

So, that is the end my three (not so) blind mice.

First there were three; Happily making a mess of their cage as soon as I cleaned it, giving nose kisses with their whiskers, putting up with a class full of inquisitive kiddies. Then Penny, my favourite of the three, passed away. I cried lots over that little mousey.

Then there were two; Still loved by my kids last year, but not so much by my dad (who couldn't stand the sight/smell of them.)

And now there are none; Sigh.

I shall miss Sally's craziness and constant wheel spinning. (Pah! Silent wheel, my arse!) I shall miss Katie's fat little tush quivering in my hand when I would pick her up. And constant pooping. I shall miss the constant pooping.

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lara said...

awwww, sweetie. i'm sure if you try hard enough you can find something else to poop in your hand.

Julz* said...

awwww :( no more mousey :(

LaLa said...

Poor mices.

There are plenty of cockroaches here in the city that will poop on you. On your face if you are lucky.

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable!! I just looove little critters.

Aimee said...

Aw, so sad! Sounds like they are going to a good home though! ::hugs::

kirby said...

I can remember the first words you said after your mum called to tell you she'd died.
I think I can anyway...
poor miceeees...

briliantdonkey said...

Don't worry, they all just all went off to Mouseville, to become circus mice is all. Tis like disneyland for mice. Mouse trampese artists and such. Okay fellow dvd that movie.(note: The author of this comment is not responsible if he just butchered that whole scene)


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