An Open Letter.

To dear EzyDVD,

You would have to know by now that you are my favourite website that I visit to spend my hard-earned dollars. In fact, you might say I have a wee obsession with purchasing things from you. Particularly television series. Yes, I'm the one who has bought a crapload of them from you. Hi there.

I am also awaiting a couple more orders as we speak - Gilmore Girls Season 5, Supernatural, Dawsons Creek 6. Already paid for, and awaiting them to be in stock. The pile of yet unwatched DVDs is anxious for their arrival. It's like a family around here these days.

I think it's safe to say that I love you. I spend more on you than I do on poor Jason, my beloved partner of four and a half years. You're wonderful. But I have just one complaint that I feel the need to mention.

Stop putting DVDs I want on special.

Dudes! I need to save here. And the temptation is far too great. I think I need a parental lockout on your website. Or at least a frequent shopper's discount. Which may lead to more frequent shopping but you know what? I still love you.

All the best,


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Laurel said...

Hmm... what's so wrong with this situation? Do you have all the Dawson's Creek seasons? If so, I'm coming over!

briliantdonkey said...

Be sure to 'order just 4 more items and get free shipping!".....I will prolly lose my man card for admitting this but I never missed Dawsons creek when it was on the tele. If I did boy was I the whingy one to deal with for days on end. I would get my self sooooo whinged up to the point I was completely knackered and had to sleep for a week!

Okay, now that I have attempted to use my 3 aussie words I shall shut up. Well, AFTER apologizing if I just called somebodies mother a bad name. If so it was totally by accident.Chrikey back away from the knife and noone(meaning me) will get hurt.


alyndabear said...

BD: Your secret is safe with me.

Laurel: Come on over, because once Season 6 arrives I'll have the whole set!

Julz* said...

hahahaa I think your obsession with EzyDVD is about as bad as my love for JB HiFi....except JB Hifi sell cds AND dvds...and video games....and cameras.....and other electronic devices.... O_O

Lindsey said...

Is this an Australian thing or can Americans shop there too?? You know what, I don't even want to know or else I will be sucked in by the force.

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