The Good, The Bad and the Bloody Annoying.

I am going to sort today's post out into categories because I am lazy it looks rather efficient that way.

The Good.

- I walked on the treadmill for 3kms tonight, even though I was (and still am) tired and have other things to do. (Procrastination runs through my veins, baby.)

- Our relieving school counsellor came into my classroom today and observed and interacted with my little girl who has been struggling for three years; and told me I was doing a great job including her in my classroom. Positive!

- Remembering that I have two university degrees (ha!) and that I could still look into school counselling as a career one day in the future.

The Bad.

- My hair. It's horrible and I hate it and wah, wah, wah. Now that the evil layers of death that the stupid hairdresser cut in them just before Christmas have started to grow out, it's just floppy and boofy and BLECH. But I'm in a dilemna? To leave it like that in hopes it'll grow out OR to have the horrible layers re-trimmed and begin the cycle again?

- There were comments made today at school about a teaching degree that "de-values" teachers. Should I mention that this is the postgraduate degree that I went to university for and am now teaching with? Hmph. I would certainly hate to think that I am not as good a teacher as anybody else just because of the name of my degree.

- I have no time to read any of the piles of new(ish) books I have sitting around, because I am too busy (procrastinating about) programming for school.

The Bloody Annoying.

- Driving to work this morning, I brushed past my ear and realised that one of the earrings Jason gave me for Christmas this year was missing. I've hunted around at home and can't find it anywhere and now I feel horrible.

- I got to watch some idiots on the road this afternoon on the way home from work. Let's see if I can do this recap quickly: Car A was driving slowly two cars ahead of me, Car B was directly ahead of me and was tail-gating Car A. Car A starts speeding up, but not fast enough for Car B, who careens into the oncoming traffic lane around Car A and zooms off into the distance. Car A gets cranky and begins to speed up until it is tailgating Car B. Gestures are involved. Both cars pause at a roundabout, where I saw windows being wound down, heard words shouted through windshields and flashing headlights at one another. Car B (still ahead by now!) does a burnout at the roundabout with Car A hooning along behind him. A service station sign looms in the distance; Car A starts making pointing gestures at the service station, Car B continues flicking the bird and driving about 20kms above the speed limit. At this point, both cars accepted the challenge and turned off into the carpark of the service station - and while it would have been fun to watch (eep!) I just kept on heading for home. SERIOUSLY. Why are these idiots on the road at all? It's no WONDER that we are all involved in so many accidents. Bloody annoying indeed.

- My brother is going away on holidays for a week and I am incredibly jealous. Want more holidays. New Zealand feels like a million years ago.

Any good, bad or bloody annoying (GBBloA - haha!) things happen in your corner of the world today? Shove 'em in the comments.

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LaLa said...

Good - Getting emails from someone I admire and my friend Jace offering to make me fabulous frock for wedding next month like Drew Barrymore's at the Music and Lyrics premiere.

Bad - Not getting a chance to make cold calls today, as went to heaps of meetings, but need to make cold calls so I can continue to go to heaps of meetings and make heaps of nice monies.

The Bloody Annoying - Went to a meeting with a client at a coffee shop and we sat under a tree which had BUGS in it. I pulled about 5 bugs out of my hair afterwards and feel all itchy and bejiggety now.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Good: got new drapes at Urban Outfitters for the living room, finally.

Bad: Hung them myself as a surprise to the Mister, nearly drilling a screw into my thumb as well as missing a rung on the ladder and twisting my ankle.

Bloody annoying: when the Mister finally gets home at 8 p.m. he glances at the drapes, says "Oh. Drapes. That's nice" and goes off to eat his dinner (that I made for him).

Laurel said...

Ooh, I love this one!

The Good--Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I finally get my heart-shaped box of chocolates! CHOCOLATE!!

The Bad--My grandma is in the hospital and I'm worried.

The Bloody Annoying--The boring, irritating project I am working on at work won't write itself. Want to do it for me??

Cagey said...

The Good: The Coach Outlet store - YUM.

The Bad: Parents who let their precious progeny roam playareas UNattended whilst the parents merrily eat their meals as their precious progeny create havoc. Assholes.

The Bloody Annoying: Snow. Sigh.

Aimee said...

Good: Got a hot date this week for dinner with Mark and I'm feeling much better!

Bad: I'm back at work after a week and a half off and I'm totally confused and sleepy.

BloA: This cough. The one that kept me up ALL NIGHT and only let me get about 2 hours of sleep. ACK!

angela said...

I'm not so sure about the good and the bad. It's rather indifferent around here. BUT, the annoying was the drive to work this morning, which normally takes about 30 minutes, took over 2 hours because of a snowstorm we were lucky enough to receive. We saw so many accidents along the way, yet people were still driving as fast as they could whenever they could. Crazy drivers -- and it's also annoying that I now sound like a crochety old woman and I'm only 25.

Sassy Belle said...

Good - New boyfriend(!!!)

Bad - Lots of school work.

Bloody Annoying - Figuring out where to live next year!

hope all is well with you, haven't seen you poking about in a while...

Mick said...

Good - Extras is on tonight. I have seen only episode so far (Stupid American TV) and am looking forward to more. Also discovering another new blog is good :)

Bad - I went to a funeral today for someone who died at 32 from cancer. This world sucks sometimes, and it always happens to the nice people.

Bloody Annoying - Spending an hour trying to work out why a piece of computer equipment isn't working and then discovering that it's the keyboard. Duhhh....


Nice to meet your blogness. Any bloglink of Lala's ia a bloglink of mine :)

kirby said...

the good... this weekend is round two of our girly weekends o fun. (arms in air)
the bad... I spent two hours today cleaning the trailer, and it's still.not.clean.enough. ARGH.

the bloody annoying... inhaling, by accident, almost half of the cleaning products used to clean the trailer, and then hacking and gaging around the front lawn, fearing that I might be physically sick on a busy corner. Amusing to people in busses, not so much for me.

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