There's a Storm-a Comin'

If you ask me, there is nothing better than sitting outside on a humid afternoon and feeling the (albeit still humid) breeze start to whip up and the thunder start rumbling in the distance. Yep, we're going to have another storm roll on in pretty soon; one of my favourite things in the world. Am I strange? Yes, indeed. But I love it when it rains, I love to watch the lightning and I love scary thunder booms.

Yesterday I decided another item that I would love to whack onto my list of things "to do" in the next couple of years; remembering there is already the move/live in England decision, the 50 day Contiki of America decision and the think about getting a mighty big loan for a house decision. This one came to me while I was coming home from dinner last night, hitching a ride in my brother's spiffy new car.

He drives an MX-5 convertible. A bright yellow one. With a soft top. And two seats. Possibly the cutest car in the world. He also drives like a loon, with music blaring out so loudly you can barely hear the car itself, but at least he plays music that I enjoy listening too and besides; that's a story for another day.

(Let's all pretend to ignore the fact that cruising around at night with the top down is possibly not the smartest idea in the world for a girl with a raging chest infection.) (But I'm feeling much better today! Much, much better!)

Anywho. Driving with the top down is just lovely. It was late afternoon on the way to dinner, so the sunnies were on, the hair was whipping around like crazy, was great fun. And then coming home in the darkness, with stars and lights and the night air? Was just amazing.

(We were also stalked by a couple of high-flying bats on the way home, prompting me to begin a rendition of Meatloaf which Ajay promptly drowned out with his music. I also forgot that when cars stop behind you at traffic lights, there is nothing really blocking them from getting a wonderful view of you bopping around in your seat like a loon right in front of them. Oops.)

So, back to my decision - I think my roadtrip around Australia (or maybe just the East coast of Aussie for now) is going to take place in a car that has a convertible roof. Definately a four door, as I must have room for friends to come with me AND for luggage, yes. But I want me a convertible. I also want a lot of truly tragic songs blaring from the stereo which my companions and I will sing to at the top of our lungs as we drive down random highways.

Sigh. I can't wait. At least this sort of roadtrip I can organise to be as long or as short as I want; I could even arrange it in one of my school holidays! Lovely!

Now, to find me some road-trippin' companions..

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nila said...

I also love a storm. We don't get many, so when we do it's very exciting.

I've always had a fantasy of riding along the California coast in a convertable. If you're going to take a road trip, a convertible sounds necessary.

Lindsey said...

Count me in on the road trip! hehe

Kirsten said...

Sounds like an unbelievably lovely day! A dream here in cold New England, US of A. I'm in for the road trip! (Just got to find a way to rewind life a few years and make a million dollars). Will get back to you.

angela said...

Sounds lovely. I'm sure our sunroof is nothing compared to an actual convertible top, but I still love driving around with it open. It's been a cold winter here, but for the last couple of days it was in the 50's, so we opened up the sunroof and put the heater on. Perfect.

Julz* said...

*puts hand up* I'll road trip around australia with you! but only if it's in a spiffy convertable :D

we can always just rent one rather than save up to buy one....although a spiffy convertable would be nice.... :D

kirby said...

i'd road trip... convertible makes me wonder just how much luggage will fit though. Maybe take a convertible, AND a .... rav 4 or something with room for bags....

look out tuscon here we come!

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