Reality Bites.

What I should be doing right now:

  • Attempting to finish Term 1 of my Mathematics Programme.

  • Attempting to organise the rest of my Teaching Programme.

  • Cleaning my room.. again.

  • Remembering to ask Lara for her address to send my parcel.

  • Walking another 3kms on my treadmill.

What I am actually doing right now:

  • Chewing off my fingernails, one hand at a time.

  • Printing off price lists for two different American Contiki tours that I am determined to save up for. LA to New York, then New York BACK to LA, one tour visiting the southern states, the other going through the mid-west and the north-east. Sigh. ($7500 just for both tours, but 50 days.. oh so tempting.)

  • Working out how long it will take me to save for the afore-mentioned trips and wondering when I can actually go. (When the heck am I even planning on moving to England for a year, let alone this? What the heck?)

  • Staring blankly at my Mathematics Syllabus and swearing at Microsoft Word because it keeps fucking with my tables. Grr.

  • Wondering what I am going to wear when I meet Julia this weekend. And we go to another concert! Fwee!

I am apparently very, very good at this crazy little thing called procrastination. Much better than I had though, actually. I do feel I deserve a medal, yes indeedy.

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Sassy Belle said...

screw contiki.

come visit!

lara said...

YES - come visit the states! we want to see you! if you go to NC to visit sassy, i'll even pay my way out so we can all hang out together. :)

oh, and i will send you my address right now...

Julz* said...

*gasp* I didn't show you my "procrastie" tshirt. my sister got it for me for xmas, and it's from Dimitri Martin's (US comedian) show that he did last year? I dunno, but yeah, he talked about a Procrasti Nation and all the people who live there are Procrasties :D hahahaha

LaLa said...

Yay! Concert!

I feel like I'm in trouble because you called me Julia!

I might have something you can borrow!

Tasmiya said...

Looks like someone's been bitten by the travel bug.

Keep up with the procrastination. I bet you're like me and do your best work under pressure.

Lindsey said...

If you come to the states, you must come to Virginia!!! You can stay at my house's a free room, free food! Probably the best deal out there.

RA said...

My town isn't so glamorous to visit, but maybe this is a little bit helpful. I'm the resident Word/Excel document rescuer at my office... do you want me to send me your doc and I can see if I can make them work?

janet said...

I got stuck on the highway behind a Contiki bus this weekend! I'm thinking you could self-tour the US for a lot cheaper, but maybe that misses out on all the fun? I would definitely visit the Grand Canyon, Colorado, New Orleans, NYC...too bad those are all quite far apart from one another huh....

Lel said...

I vote for Midwest...Minneapolis can be a lot of fun and there is the benefit of free room/food while you're here saying hi :)

Aimee said...

I've got a free couch in California! :)

Desiree said...

If you make it to America I will come and find you. Where I grew up, Lake Tahoe, California, is incredible. Of course, you have been to New Zealand so it may pale (just a bit) in comparison. If you decide to instead live in England I may just show up and crash on your floor for a bit. Either way you're stuck seeing me. Muah ah ahhhhhh

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