Weekend Bliss.

Thank goodness for weekends; you forget how lovely they are when they just blend in with normal holidays. I'm very thankful for them now, very thankful indeed.

So, some news from the teaching front. The numbers went up at the school, and it was decided to make an extra class. And they asked me to take it!

It was really hard to decide what to do though; because on one hand I'm working with Belinda and have a BEAUTIFUL class of 1/2 kids, and the other two jobs aren't that stressful for me. The downside is that I don't really have my own room or my own programme, so I've been wandering around feeling a wee bit lost. But a new class? Crap. Lots of work, especially since it'll be starting 1.5 weeks behind the rest of the school.

Feeling horrible about deserting Belinda, I decided to take the class though; it's one that will look good for me in the future. I'm now the class teacher of a 1/2/3 Intervention class, for kids of those grades that are struggling with their learning. Hooooly crap.

But since it's the weekend now, I'm going to enjoy relaxing. Or at least try to enjoy relaxing, with the whopping bout of period pain my ovaries are sharing with me right now. And the news that my parents want to sell the house that we've lived in since it was built. And did I mention period pain? I think I need a puppy. That'd make everything lovely right now.

And isn't Valentines Day right around the corner? *bats eyelashes*

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Lis said...

Congrats on getting your own class!!
I can understand being sad about leaving Bel, but your own class will be so great! Good to see a school looking after those with special needs too :)

LaLa said...


i am too hungover to actually write anything else.... love and stuff.

Viviane said...

Congrats on getting your own class! It may be a challenge, but I am sure you will be enjoying it and it will be worth every effort. Especially with kids who are struggling you can make so much more of a difference!

angela said...

Congrats! Having your own class will be awesome for you.

Lindsey said...

Go you for taking the new class even if it will be more challenging. You are awesome and brave!

janet said...

wow that is fabulous! congrats on the "promotion" (at least that is how I see it!)

Julz* said...

I share everyone's thoughts :) Congrats on getting your own class :D

And puppies are magnificant. :D

Ngaire said...

Aly congratulations on getting your own class. I am sure you will do a fantastic job of teaching the kids you have!

kirby said...

Woohoo for getting your own class...
selling? built? house...?


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