Confucious Says..

When something looks too good to be true?

There must be a catch.

Now let me try and re-word that statement;

She who buys el-cheapo Word Puzzle games from Kmart to save a few dollars shall waste an entire hour of teaching time putting alphabet letter stickers onto white blocks.

AN HOUR. For two measly games. Pah.

All I can say is thank goodness the Connect Four games had no freaking letters on them.

After spending the last three hours NOT doing school programming, but instead cleaning my house, I am now off to cook dinner and annoy Jason some more. Until tomorrow; my day of GIRLYNESS (Jen! Julie! Kirby!) as well as a concert, two of my favourite things.

Excuse me while I frolic around my (clean) bedroom.

(And did I mention next weekend is the possible (probable?) stalkerage date where I shall go and visit Lala? Whee! Good times!)

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LaLa said...

OH YEAH! We are so doing STUFF next weekend!

Wine! Movies! Annoying the neighbours with our music and possibly getting served (another) strata by law warning!

ohmygod. You will be first person I meet from out of the innernet machine.

Have fun tomorrow night my sweet! xx

Tasmiya said...

I love Connect Four!

kirby said...


*grr* deary me.

Jen said...


Laurel said...

I cannot even tell you how glad I am that kids are still playing Connect Four!

I'm having a hen night tonight, too! Have fun!

lara said...

i'm so jealous that you and lala get to hang out together! i want to hang out too! congrats on the clean room - mine shall be cleaned over this wonderful four day weekend i have. ahhhh. :)

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