Speaking Without Words.

Apparently today, my face got the better of me.

I've always been told that what I'm thinking tends to show in my facial expressions - if I'm cheerful it's easy to spot, but also the flip side of that. When I'm cranky, I'm not very subtle about it. It has it's good moments and it's bad, depending on the situation.

With the kidlets last year, they were pretty good at reading me. Some of them were such clever little chooks that they would tell me as they walked in the door whether today would be a happy day or a cranky day. A bit scary, that!

I think I went to school today already in a not-so-cheery state of mind. I knew how much there was still to be done in my classroom before I could get it up to my standards, I knew that we would be in meetings for the day and I knew that the kidlets start tomorrow, so I wouldn't say I was bouncing with joy or anything. I didn't realise quite how grumpy I actually looked though.

Until I got two text messages from other staff members this afternoon, asking me if I was pissed off with them. I had no idea what they were on about; but both of them told me how unapproachable and grouchy I looked in the meetings today, that I wasn't my usual self. I felt quite badly about it, actually.

Hrm. I'm putting it down to nerves about the whole new class that are my responsibility and considering the fact that I didn't have things anywhere near as organised as I would like makes me feel stressed out. Plus, there is this new literacy course that the whole school is doing that seems like an awful lot of work on top of usual programming and organising and oh yes, teaching somewhere in there too! But that's no excuse for being grouchy.

Tomorrow I'm going to smile all day long!

(At least until a certain cherub in my class starts punching people for no reason, in which case I will bring out the bitch and get him under control QUICK SMART. It's my goal to have him a little bit less feral by the end of the year. I will do this if it kills me! Watch out, kiddo.)

But for now, my classroom is pretty much complete. All it needs is some kidlets to mess it up a bit. (Ha. Or not.)

Here's a view of my classroom door and display wall. You can also see my handy-dandy $10 wheely trolley, which makes me feel like a grandma but I still LOVE.

Next up, the storeroom! Not pictured is the other half, which is packed wall to wall full of maths storage stuff until people figure out where it all needs to go. Look! Tidy!

Here is one of my back walls, which looks much nicer in real life. There's also a blurry bookcase and a computer that's only there for display really, until I get my own class one.

Imag0830 Onto the other wall, which is a very pretty colour combination of green and blue. Notice the matching tray labels?

Imag0831 One of my organisation tables, which isn't sorted very well yet. It's behind my teacher's desk, which I'm not showing you because it was covered in crap this afternoon. Just pretend.

Imag0837 The tables, complete with spiffy new pencil holders that I love.

Lastly, my lovely chalkboard. That uses chalk! With dust! Hooray!


So, welcome to my lovely new classroom. Come on in and get ready to learn! Oh, but if you throw your pencil sharpenings on the floor, I may be forced to kill you.

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Ngaire said...

Aly I love the look of your classroom! You have done a great job of getting it to a useable state!!
I use one of those little trollies too! I couldnt survive without it!
And also sometimes I do a pretty good job at wearing my thoughts on my face and people being able to tell when I am in a really shitty mood!

Jess said...

omg aly, that makes me wanna go back to primary and do some colouring and arts and crafts.

when i was in 6th grade my teacher used to write every day what subjects we would be working on sort of like a time table... i liked that cos I knew what was coming. haha.

your classroom looks great :D

LaLa said...

If I don't smile people always ask me what's wrong... sometimes I am just thinking or concentrating...

Wow. Primary school has changed since I was there... though that was erm... like 23 years ago.

Faaaaaar out.

Anyway, what a lovely job you have done.

Christine said...

Like Jess, you made me yearn for kindergarten again! One of the things I wanted to do was teach, and your posts remind me of what I'm missing. How fun! The kids are going to love their new classroom. :)

Lis said...

You have done an Awesome job fixing it all up!! Looks fantastic :)

angela said...

Wow, you are definitely the real deal now. The classroom looks quaint!

Laurel said...

I have the same problem. On the day that our raises and bonuses were announced last week, I was frustrated with another coworker and was grumping around all day. Finally, my boss pulled me aside because she thought I was disappointed in my raise!! I was so embarrassed that my grouchy-ness was so obvious!

Oh, and, your classroom looks GREAT!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Your classroom is adorable- love the colors!

lara said...

that is so adorably tidy! i love your classroom. but i can't believe you like chalkboards more than whiteboards! i always get the chills from the noise chalk makes. *shudder*

good luck on your first day!

Kathy said...

Your room looks great! Love the pics. Might put mine on my blog- it's nowhere near as colourful. We don't get as much noticeboard space as you. I only have a blackboard too but I love it! Take one step at a time. Get your class sorted then worry about the new stuff! Good luck.

Julz* said...

wow miss aly, you sure made that classroom all nice and purdy looking ^_^ I hope the kidlets appreciate it :)

Jen said...

It looks great, good job :)

Belinda Howlett said...

OHHH trying to compete hey!!!!
trying to out do me!!!!!
Dont forget who taught you how to paper those walls WELL!!!!!

LOVE it and buy the way WHERE did you get those pencils tins - they ROCK

Susan C said...

OK If you can get away with justifiable homicide due kids throwing pencil shavings on the floor, so can I. I also want to know if I can use extreme force when dealing with eraser trash left on the computer desks 'cause they gum up the mice and can we hang, draw and quarter kids who won't push in their chairs.

Your new teaching space looks great. You can justifiably be proud.

Desiree said...

It looks beautiful.

kirby said...

is it normal for teachers to wall paper the entire inside of their classrooms in brightly coloured paper?

I remember wooden panelled walls from primary school and I feel I missed out...

nila said...

Your kidlets are lucky. What a nice classroom.

You have a chalkboard! That's so old school. It seems that now at days, it's all about the dry erase board.

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